ThirdLove Talks Tech: Data Scientists Meet Up at Our San Francisco Headquarters

Megan Cartwright, ThirdLove‰Ûªs Head of Data Science, presenting at ThirdLove's Tech Talk

Megan Cartwright, ThirdLove's Head of Data Science, presenting at Thirdlove's Tech Talks

Megan Cartwright, ThirdLove’s Head of Data Science

Over the past five years, ThirdLove has grown to become one of the fastest growing brands in the US. We’re devoted to creating beautiful bras and products that make women feel comfortable and confident every day. Though we pride ourselves in our inclusive sizes and superior quality, our technology is often overshadowed. But it’s thanks to the fact that we’re a data-driven company that we’re able to provide unrivaled bra expertise to our customers. In effort to increase our visibility within the data science and engineering community and to highlight our own talented team, we recently hosted our very first Data Science Meetup at our San Francisco headquarters.

Kim Larsen, ThirdLove's VP of Data, presenting at ThirdLove's Tech Talks

Kim Larsen, ThirdLove’s VP of Data

On Aug. 14, around 80 guests, including ThirdLove employees, came together for an evening of tech talk, Long Bridge Pizza, and beer, wine, and kombucha from our taps. ThirdLove’s VP of Data, Kim Larsen, moderated the event as our Head of Data Science Megan Cartwright spoke to the relationship between data science and fashion. We also welcomed our guest presenter, Brad Klingenberg, VP of Data Science at Stitch Fix, a company that values data just as much as we do. Both speakers discussed how their respective company uses data science to recommend the best possible products to their customer base.

Brad Klingenberg, Stitch Fix's VP of Data Science, presenting at ThirdLove's Tech Talks

Megan took the floor, making the distinction between ThirdLove and fast fashion, or clothing chains that are focused on manufacturing trendy products in the quickest, cheapest way. Here’s how ThirdLove is different. “The third option is great quality and sizing for everyone,” Megan explained. “That’s where data really enters this problem.” ThirdLove offers a total of 70 inclusive bra sizes and 39 stunning styles, all made possible by data science, of course.

Data scientists and engineers make up a big chunk of the staff, which you wouldn’t have found 20 years ago,” ThirdLove co-founder Dave Spector shared. “I think this is the place to be; it’s the industry to be.”

Following their talks, about half the group stayed behind to chat with Brad, Megan, and other members of the data science team. The event piqued attendees’ interest in ThirdLove as we had hoped, and many even inquired about our open roles before leaving with a discount card for their first order.

Overall, our first Data Science Meetup was a success, and we thoroughly enjoyed being able to showcase our new office space and engage with potential recruits. We hope to add more talent to our data science team as soon as possible!

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