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Feel gorgeous everyday with our lace bra collection. Featuring styles designed for your body in colors you’ll crave. It’s lace that’s comfy enough to live in.

Lace Bras for Women

Lace bras made to wear with your favorite dresses

When you think of lace bras, you’re probably thinking that they’re scratchy, itchy, and tend to lose their shape. With ThirdLove lace bra styles, you’ll get comfortable bras that you’ll want to wear all day, especially in your favorite dresses. You don’t have to be uncomfortable to look great in our lingerie styles designed for your body. Why wear a lace bra with your favorite dress? Our lace bra styles have gorgeous detailing all around the cup with special attention to the straps and tops of the cup. These lace bras give a super cute peeking glimpse with every outfit, so you have a fashion statement piece.