Redefining Plus Size Bras for Women

Redefining Plus Size Bras for Women

“You don’t carry my size.” As the founder of a bra company, there are few things more painful than hearing a customer say those words.

We live in a world where the expectation is that a DD is on the fringe of what a “normal” bra size is. In reality, the average bra size in America is a 34E.

When we started ThirdLove, we wanted to make sure that every woman had the opportunity to find their perfect fit, and to feel like we were actually taking their size, shape, and comfort into consideration.

That’s why ThirdLove carries over 80 sizes from cups AA–I, including half-cups. When we created these sizes, we wanted to go beyond the cup and make sure that we made designs that supported the reality that women live in. We used the measurements of millions of women to craft every cup and give attention to detail that will make sure that the support could keep up with everything the average woman has on her plate. Women are multitaskers by nature, after all!

Our size range is our a chance to shift perceptions of what an acceptable body is for a woman. We made the conscious decision to not call our sizes “plus size”, they are just a size.

We understand that there is a lot of debate around the term, and good points on both sides. What ended up bolstering our decision was our customers. We asked them what they wanted, and there was a resounding answer that they saw plus size, as just a size, their size even.

Every size is crafted with the same care and attention, and our styles look the same from cups AA to I, to give every body equal style opportunity. What we ultimately want to support is for women to feel comfortable in their size, and shape, and to celebrate them both with beautifully fitting style.

Our size range is just the beginning. My goal will always be to ask any woman what she thinks of ThirdLove and hear, “You carry my size!”


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