Women’s Boyshort Underwear

Our cute, comfy women’s boyshort underwear comes in nylon, spandex, and 100% cotton styles for every bum.

The Most Comfortable Boyshorts

Why wear boyshort underwear? There are lots of reasons to wear boyshort underwear instead of low rise panties. Instead of undies, think about a comfortable alternative that gives your buns a little more breathing room and no panty lines. Think underwear meets sleep, lounge, and sculptwear. Boyshorts are slightly longer in the leg than traditional undies and have a higher or mid to high-rise waistband. The reason for the higher waist band and longer leg is to reduce visible pantylines with thick stitching and to help shape or hold in your waist and give a slight lift to your buns. At ThirdLove we offer a variety of underwear styles including a few options for boyshorts to help you do all those things separately or simultaneously.