Bra Style Guide: How To Choose The Best Style Bra for You

Bra Style Guide: How To Choose The Best Style Bra for You

A comprehensive guide to every bra style we carry. We've made it easy to figure out which styles best fits your breast shape and wardrobe needs.


T-Shirt Bra

Meet your everyday staple. This style forms to your unique shape and creates a smooth silhouette — no matter what you're wearing. With the perfect balance of comfort and support, this is one you can always rely on.

Works well for most breast shapes.


Plunge Bra

A super flattering cut, these plunge-style cups form to your breast to eliminate gaping, for a coverage that gives you a natural lift with zero overflow. 

Works well for most breast shapes, especially Asymmetric breasts. 


Full Coverage Bra

If you’re looking for support and full coverage, this style was designed for you. Foam-lined straps never slip or dig in, while hybrid memory foam cups provide softness inside and support outside.

Works best for larger breasts and those with Bell Shaped or East West breasts.


Wireless Bra

Say goodbye to underwire. Wireless bras have contoured cups that provide lasting support and give you a perfectly smooth shape underneath any top. Its wide band also allows you to enjoy extra comfort and support.

Works well for most breast shapes under E (DD) cup.


Racerback Bra

This style promises straps that will never, ever slip.

Works best for Side Set, Round, and Tear Drop breasts.


Strapless Bra

If there’s one bra you should always have in your collection, it’s a strapless. True to its name, strapless bras offer a discreet look that works with every top and any style. Optional multi-way straps also make it easy to wear across your wardrobe. 

Works well for most breast shapes.


Balconette Bra

A balconette bra has wider-set straps and a slightly shorter cup, which provide a natural lift and a flattering fit. Plus, this bra won’t peek through the top of most low-cut shirts.  

Works well for most breast shapes.


Nursing Bra

Complete with a wider front closure, our nursing bra is designed for new mothers without sacrificing style or fit. Made of super-soft cotton modal fabric to soothe the skin and easy-open cups for easy feeding and pumping. 

Works well for most breast shapes.