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Find the Best Push Up Bra

What is a push up bra anyway? 

When you see the words push up bra, you’re probably thinking of a super padded bra that’s uncomfortable and made for teenagers who have no idea how a bra should fit. The name push up bra can describe a lot of different things. The first important thing to know about push up bras is that they are designed to bring your breasts together and lift your breast tissue.

Lift action. 

The lifting action of the best push up bras will help to shape your breasts so you get the added cleavage look you want. How does it lift and create this push up action? To lift your breasts, the underwire in our comfy wired push up bras does about 90 percent of the work and the straps lift the remaining 10 percent. The underwire acts as a scaffold and your straps hold and keep things in place. Giving your breast tissue an extra boost is a lot of work, but our underwires are specialized to make sure you get that lift without any snappage. No snap or poking here.

Push up bras don’t have to be uncomfortable, in fact, they are just the opposite here at ThirdLove. Our comfortable bras are made by women just like you. When we want more lift and cleavage that looks amazing we’re not ready to sacrifice comfort. Our push up bras come in a few different styles with removable or permanent stay cups, lined with memory foam to give you that all-day comfort. Great cleavage guaranteed.

Our Uplift Plunge bras are one style of push up bra, made in a plunge style to give you that lower coverage at the top of the cup and removable cups for a more natural feel. Think of our push up bras as your new favorite bra that everyone is going to want once they see how great you look in it. No matter your cup size, we offer inclusive sizing in wireless bras from XS-3X and a wide range of cup sizes in A-H in addition to our signature half cups with our wired bras.