Our Brand From Floor To Ceiling: ThirdLove's Stunning New Office

Our Brand From Floor To Ceiling: ThirdLove's Stunning New Office

When we set out to build a stunning new headquarters for ThirdLove we had some big goals. We wanted to create a workspace that inspired teamwork and creativity, something open and inviting where our team could seamlessly connect and collaborate.

“Part of our culture is that you never know where the next great idea is coming from,” says Ra’el Cohen, our Chief Creative Officer. “It doesn’t matter if someone has been in the industry ten months or twenty years. Having different teams interacting just feeds the creative energy.”

This would be our sixth office in six years (including our first office in our co-founders’ apartment!). ThirdLove has expanded so quickly that we just keep outgrowing each new space. We needed a place to settle down for awhile.

And, now it’s here.

“We wanted people to feel the essence of the brand when they walked in the doors, not just the aesthetics but the values of ThirdLove as well—aspirational and beautiful while also grounded, comfortable and confident,” says Kate Kittredge, our Head of Brand. “We wanted everything to be built around fostering a greater sense of community while also giving people a quiet place to reflect and think.”

The design team of Bart Chin and Kendall Ermshar collaborated with the ThirdLove team to craft a space that feels both cheerful and warm, that caters to whimsy and hard work while inspiring creativity.

“Our goal is to improve how people work together and be creative,” Chin says. “There are nooks and places for people to interact that feel natural and not corporate.”

We don’t want people just sitting at their desks all day. We hope to see everyone up and moving around finding new places to be inspired whether it’s in the beautifully designed, glass-walled conference rooms named after fearless women leaders and innovators like Eleanor Roosevelt, Notorious RBG, and Mary Phelps Jacob, seated at our massive harvest table for meals, or in the cozy light-filled lounge in the center of our new atrium.

All of the fixtures and unique elements in the converted warehouse space were crafted by local San Francisco makers and artisans. Chin and Ermshar have made every square foot Instagram-worthy without even needing a filter.

But beyond the aesthetics, the new office is functional. Chin’s background is in product design and creating human-centered experiences while Ermshar’s is in interior design and psychology. Together they embedded themselves into ThirdLove’s culture for the past three months to learn how we work.

“We watched and observed how ThirdLove operates. We absorbed the energy of the office. Your needs come first before we can make anything pretty,” Chin said. “And then of course we made it beautiful.”

In short, our new office is a work space that you may never want to leave. It does feel like home, but better.