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If you’re hunting for a backless bra for a large bust, we’ve got you covered. Shop ThirdLove's collection of easy-to-use nipple covers, comfortable backless bras and breast tape.


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Nipple Covers, Backless Bras, Breast Tape

Let’s admit it - we all love flirty, back-baring outfits, but picking a fitting bra for these looks can be a nightmare. A regular bra definitely won’t do because there’s nothing worse than bra straps or padding peeking through flowy dresses and airy summer tops. But fear not! Our collection of easy-to-use nipple covers and comfortable backless bras is here to save the day. Not to mention the all-time favorite bra alternative - breast tape.

ThirdLove’s Nipple Covers, Backless Bras & Breast Tape

If you’re hunting for a backless bra for a large bust, we’ve got you covered. It’s a common misconception that ladies with larger cups can’t wear a strapless, backless bra - on the contrary, you might find it’s the most comfortable piece of lingerie in the world! At ThirdLove’s shop, you will also find the best adhesive nipple covers that will help you go bra-less whenever you feel like it - just apply a pair of Nippies Skin Adhesive Nipple Covers and rock that airy top you’ve been dreaming of wearing for ages. 

Best “Invisible” Bras for You

If you’re looking for the best backless bra to match your dress with an open back, your search is over. Our Gatherall Backless Bra is the star of all invisible bras. It’s waterproof, skin-friendly, washable, and super flexible. It’ll gather and support your boobs, creating perfect cleavage under your backless and low-cut dresses. Stick on a pair of nipple covers to keep your nipples from peeking through body-hugging outfits and tight tops. Breast tape is an excellent alternative to backless bras for more lift and support. ThirdLove’s best boob tape will help you sculpt your breasts and create a gorgeous-looking cleavage in a matter of seconds.

How to Correctly Apply Breast Tape

If you’re wondering how to apply boob tape, here are a few quick tips. First, put a small piece of breast tape onto your skin to test it. You're good to go if there’s no irritation after a few hours. Next, prepare your skin - it should be dry, clean, and free of lotions, oils, and creams. Imagine your bra design and the cleavage you want to create with boob tape. If it’s your first time using breast tape, you can draw an outline of your bra using a lip liner. Next, cut the necessary amount of boob tape strips and start applying. You should stick each piece of boob tape starting underneath your breast and gently pull it upward for a lifting effect. Press the tape firmly to your skin and wait a few seconds for it to stick. You can take a hot bath or shower to remove the breast tape. Alternatively, use organic oil to dissolve the adhesive, then gently peel off the boob tape.