Welcome to Our Fitting Room

ThirdLove's bra measuring quiz Fitting Room helps women find their right bra sizes.

Featuring our original bra size quiz, Fit Finder®, and here to take your first layer to the next level.

80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. When we started ThirdLove, part of our mission was to get this number down to zero. The original Fit Finder® was a key part of making that a reality. With it, we helped over 18 million women find a bra that actually fits.

Introducing the fitting room, our new bra size measuring tool.

A comfortable fit is only the start. You need more from your first layer: more positive feelings, more style, and more happy boobs.

We’ve taken our trusted expertise and utilized them to dive deeper into what makes your bras and underwear, perfect for you. Here’s what you can expect from The Fitting Room:

ThirdLove's bra measuring quiz Fitting Room helps women find their right bra sizes.

A hyper-personalized, one-on-one kind of experience:

This is not your average Fitting Room. We’ve tailored this quiz to cater to your unique personal style and first layer needs, while also giving you access to expert Fit Stylists for more specific questions. Plus you get to answer these more intimate questions from the comfort of your own home, giving you the space to be completely honest, while getting exactly what you need.

A better-fitting bra means better-fitting style:

Your first layer is the start of your personal style, and you deserve one that speaks to you. Our new Fitting Room now features a personalized style consultation so you can customize your bras and underwear to not only fit and support, but to look so great, you might just want to hang around in them all day long (and that’s OK!)

Recommendations that you’ll look forward to:

This is a quiz that actually pays off. Once you finish, not only will you get a bra size that truly fits, but you’ll receive expertly curated recommendations for new styles to make shopping even easier. That’s right: no more scrolling, just easy bra shopping.

So go ahead — find your true bra size, double check the on you already have, or discover completely personalized style recommendations.

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