What Are the Best Bras?

Woman modeling ThirdLove's Classic T-shirt Bra and Comfort Stretch Bikini in nude.

The question our Co-Founder Heidi Zak asked herself as she started a bra revolution.

For ThirdLove, the company, the product, and the name, started with the idea that for too long, women were forced to choose between two options when it came to bras: over-the-top sexy, and unflattering modesty – neither one looked great.

And so, she created a third option.

With every ThirdLove bra, we always incorporate three key components to every design to make sure we are upholding this mission we set out to do: comfort, fit, and style.

Woman sitting in a dark wood chair wearing jeans and ThirdLove's classic t-shirt bra.

Bras Made for Comfort

When Ra’el Cohen, CCO, and I started the company, we talked a lot about how we were going to care about the little things. No detail is too small to make sure that our customers are always comfortable, so they can look as good as they feel. We started with our 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra, to set the standard and framework across all of our designs. Made with memory foam cups, no-slip straps, and a smooth band with a padded hook and eye (we printed the tag right on the label!), we’ve eliminated all of the uncomfortable parts of the bra, for better support that you won’t want to take off.


ThirdLove's Classic T-shirt Bra in warm nude or mocha color.

A Bra That Fits Is Always the Goal

Want to know how to make bras fit better and more comfortably? Comfort comes from a great fit, and the two are completely interchangeable. We place a huge amount of focus on connecting women with their correct bra size, and educating women on how a bra should fit. We’ve created a size range to be completely inclusive, hence our half-cup bra sizes. Everything we do really does center around helping every woman find her best fit.

Your Own Kind of Bra Style

Style does not mean discomfort, and we wanted to create designs that were true style starters for our customers, whatever their fashion tendencies may be. Our designs are meant to support our customers, breasts, mindsets and any outfit they choose.

Curious if what we did actually worked? Try the bra that started it all, the 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra.