"Bra Shopping Made Smarter": ThirdLove on Good Morning America

Heidi Zak on Good Morning America

Good Morning America recently visited ThirdLove HQ in San Francisco to speak with our Co-founder and CEO Heidi Zak, and we were thrilled to see the segment air on Sept. 27. Becky Worley, ABC News’ technology and consumer correspondent, sat down with Heidi to discuss the pains of bra shopping many women know all too well, and how ThirdLove has reinvented the experience to be a better, smarter one.

In addition to offering our Fit Finder, an online quiz that matches women with their perfect fit in 60 seconds, ThirdLove also carries 78 bra sizes, including our signature half-cups.

“I always say shoes have half-sizes, why shouldn’t bras?” Heidi said.

After taking Fit Finder herself, Becky was surprised to find how well ThirdLove’s 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra formed to her body: “This bra fits perfectly, the straps are comfy, there’s no gaping in the cup, and the band isn’t too tight. Kind of amazed,” Becky said.

See ThirdLove featured among other online bra retailers in the full segment above!