To Each, Her Own: The Story Behind Our Manifesto

To Each, Her Own: The Story Behind Our Manifesto

The phrase has always been “to each his own” — until now.

We’ve flipped this outdated colloquial phrase on its head in true ThirdLove fashion. We’ve aimed to challenge the status quo since Day One, refusing to settle and demanding more from both brands and ourselves. To Each, Her Own represents more than a campaign. It’s a celebration of modern women, a call to arms, a movement in its own right.

And it all began with Hope.

Last April, Hope, a 50-year old pharmaceutical executive and mom of adult twin boys emailed us a selfie. She was wearing her ThirdLove bra, and in her note, she told us that she felt our imagery was excluding her age group.

“I am 50,” Hope wrote in an email to ThirdLove’s customer experience team. “I feel that the middle aged woman is an underserved population. We like good looking bras too. We are fit, we are vibrant we are fashionable and we have tremendous buying power too. It would be wonderful for you to show real life middle aged women as part of your campaign. It’s inspiring that you can be 50 and be in shape, but not perfect. I think that’s what women really identify with.”

Frankly, she was right. We had only one or two women over 40 featured in our content up to that point. It was clear to us that we could—and should—do better.

Hope’s email was a wakeup call, and it set in motion our efforts to better represent all of our customers. We’ve always stood for inclusivity, but it was time to take more action. We invited Hope to our San Francisco office for a casting photo shoot.

“Hope is the real ThirdLove customer and we should be representing her and all diverse women better,” said Ra’el Cohen, ThirdLove’s Chief Creative Officer.

Six months later, and our To Each, Her Own campaign features real women, from a range of backgrounds. Casting was as straightforward as walking around New York City.

“It’s always challenging approaching people on the streets, especially for an underwear campaign,” said casting director Drew Dasent. “But this was a fun project; meeting all the women and hearing their stories of what they love about themselves.”

“At a glance, we want women to look at this brand campaign and see themselves in the women depicted,” stated ThirdLove co-founder and co-CEO Heidi Zak. “In order to do this, we set out to cast a variety women that represent different ethnicities, different age groups, and different backgrounds. Our aim is to represent women in a way that feels grounded, relatable, and universally understood.”

With To Each, Her Own campaign, we’ve intentionally stripped away everything from expectations to airbrushing to reveal something much more real, refreshing, and vulnerable.

To Each, Her Own.