Unlined Bra Pros, Cons, and Myths

Unlined Bra Pros, Cons, and Myths

If you want to know the truth about unlined bras, this is a great place to start. We’ll explore the top three myths about unlined styles to answer all of your questions. Plus, you’ll get the inside scoop on what makes them a fave and everyday go-to for our team and women everywhere.

First thing’s first: what is an unlined bra anyway? It’s a bra that has a foam-free lining with only one layer of fabric in the cup. Super breathable, incredibly lightweight, and comfortable. It’s the most natural look your boobs can get from a bra. The allure of wearing an unlined bra is that they highlight your natural breast shape. So if you love the look of your boobs, then this is the perfect style to make them shine. Here at ThirdLove we love a good zero bulk unlined bra and think you will too.

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Myth: Unlined bras don’t provide support.

Busted! Unlined bras are just as supportive as any other bra. Based on the style of the bra and the orientation of your breasts, you should get the support you need. Unlined bras are made without foam. So there’s no extra bulk. If you’re not looking for added padding in your bra, then unlined is perfect for you.

Unlined bras should feel like a second skin that gives you all day support and comfort. It’s not that unlined bras are any less supportive than other bras, it’s about the fit and feel against your skin. We say try an unlined style you like and see how it works for you. Check out our 24/7® Second Skin Unlined Bra. It’s a better unlined bra that makes your boobs the star.

Myth: Unlined bras aren’t for plus-sized women.

Busted! Unlined bras are for everyone, no matter your size. Once you know your cup size (over 80% of women don’t) you should absolutely try an unlined bra for yourself. They offer great support, provide subtle lift, and make your shape the star. Bustier women love unlined bras because they don’t have any extra layers. So if you don’t need or want any added fabric, an unlined style is your new go-to.

If you’re worried about coverage, don’t be. Unlined bras offer different levels of coverage to get you just the fit you want. Take a look at the cut of the cup to be sure you get medium to fuller coverage if you’re busty. Unlined bras come in lots of colors and styles so you’ll look and feel good in every outfit. Busty or not, unlined bras are a great style to add to your top drawer. They’re especially great during the summer because they’re super breathable, kind of like portable air conditioning.

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Myth: Unlined bras won’t hide your nipples.

Busted—sort of. That depends on the fabric that’s used to make your unlined bra. If the fabric is sheer then you’ll see your nipples through the cups. Depending on the fabric, you may see a light outline of your nipples under your clothes. It really depends on the clothing you wear and the fabric.

We recommend trying out a few unlined styles if you’re new to unlined, and wear your usual outfits while you do it. That way you can tell whether or not you want more or less coverage around your nipples. Showing your nipples isn’t a bad thing. You have them, let them be an asset. But don’t worry, you have options if you want to keep them covered too.

How do you keep your nipples from showing through unlined bras?

Not every unlined bra will be the same level of thickness in the cup. Depending on the fabric used, you may not see your nipples at all. If you like to keep your nipples under wraps but still love the feel of an unlined bra you can try covering them up. Try your favorite lightweight breast tape or pasties just in case your headlights are on. Skin tight tops will likely show a bit of nipple, but in most unlined styles they’ll be smoothed over and invisible.

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Pros & Cons: Reasons to Wear Unlined Bras

First, they make your boobs look and feel great! A good unlined bra will feel like a barely-there layer that’s like your second skin. In a better unlined bra you’ll completely forget you’re wearing a bra because it feels so good. The lightweight and breathable fabrics these bras are made of makes them super comfortable for all day, everyday wear. This style for us is one of those bras that will never leave our top drawer. We love them so much, we think everyone should at least try them out.

Unlined bras are a style that is unapologetically you. They can make you feel more confident than ever in your favorite outfits and enhance your natural breast shape. We also love unlined because they look amazing under your clothes, especially when you’ve paired a sheer top or outfit with a sheer unlined bra that matches your skin tone. Golden combo every time.

Considering an unlined style? If we can help you answer any lingering questions you might have about them, just reach out to our Fit Stylists. While you’re at it, take our Fitting Room Quiz and let us help you find the perfect fit.