Ask A Fit Specialist: When Should I Get A Half Cup Size Bra?

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Our team of Fit Specialists is here to help you find bras that feel like they were made for you. We’ve worked with thousands of women find their perfect fit, so we’re sharing some of our best advice here.

Finding a perfectly fitting bra is not just a luxury but a necessity. However, the perfect fit has eluded many women who end up experiencing discomfort, spillage, gaping and other issues with their bras, especially if they are in between standard cup sizes. If you've ever struggled to find a bra that fits you perfectly, we have good news - ½ cup bra sizes.

To offer every woman the perfect fit, ThirdLove started making half-size bras to fill in those gaps . In this article, we'll delve into the realm of half-cup bra sizes, why you might need one, and how to find the right one for you.


What is the Difference Between Full and Half-Cup Bras?

We love getting questions about half-cups because we think they’re such a game-changer for how bras fit. Calculating your bra cup size can be challenging, and it’s made even more difficult by the fact that up to 50% of women actually fall in between standard cup sizes. This means that before we developed 1/2-cups, the only option for many women was to wear a bra that caused overflow or cup gaping— and that’s not good enough. That’s why we decided to create 1/2 cup bras to better fit our customer’s needs.

Why Choose a Half-Cup Size?

A half-cup size is exactly as it sounds: a bra size that is half a cup smaller or larger than a standard size. Why opt for a half-size bra? It's all about precision, finding that sweet spot between your usual cup sizes. Our bodies don't always conform to the neat categories of A, B, C, and so on. In those instances, you don't have to compromise on bra comfort; bra half sizes can be your ticket to a flawless fit.

Picture: usually wearing a 34C, only to find it getting too tight; this is where you try a 34C½. Or perhaps you wear the same size, but the bra is too loose; try wearing a 34B½. A half-cup size can be the savior for those in-between moments when moving a full cup is too much. Choosing a half-cup size will make a massive difference in how your bra feels and looks, ensuring you don't end up with gaping or spillage.


Signs You Need a Half-Cup Size

How do you know you need a half-cup size? The best and easiest way is by taking our Fitting Room Quiz, which will ask you a few questions about your current bra and any fitting issues, your breast shape and, with that, recommend the best size and style for you. 

Another way to tell if you need to explore half-size bras is by evaluating common signs of poor fit. Here are some signs that something isn't quite right with your bra size.

Spillage: No one wants their bra cups running over. If you have a little overflow, especially at the top of your cups, it is a clear sign you might need to go a half-cup size higher. 

Gaps and wrinkles: A perfectly fitting bra should be like a second skin–no gaps, no wrinkles. If your bra still wrinkles even after scooping and swooping your breasts into place, you might need to go a half-cup size down.

Uncomfortable Underwire: Your underwire is feeling uncomfortable or not following the breasts' curve. The gore (the centre part of your bra) might not be lying flat against your chest, or the bra is too tight. If you notice these signs, moving a half-cup size might help you achieve a harmonious fit.


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How To Measure for a Half-Cup Size

Here are a few ways on how to determine your bra cup size and whether a half-cup size is right for you.

  • If your cups are a little too small, they’ll feel tight and you’ll probably have some overflow at the front or sides. For example, if the cups feel small in a 36B, we recommend sizing up to a 36B1/2. Going up a half-cup size will alleviate any overflow or tightness allowing for a supported feel.
  • If the cups are too big, they’ll feel roomy and you’ll likely have cup gaping. For example, if a 32E (32DDD) is too big, we recommend the size 32D1/2. Going down a half-cup size will eliminate the gaping and ensure a fitted look.

In the past, the only choices in these situations were to live with the bad fit or change a whole cup size, which can be too much of an adjustment.

Beyond potentially being the best fit for you today, half-cups can also be the solution to future fit issues. Since a woman’s breasts can change in size a number of times throughout her life—thanks to things like weight gain or loss, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, and nursing—half-cups can ensure you have a great-fitting bra at all times, even with slight changes in breast size.

Finding the Right Half-Cup Size Bra

Now that you've determined your perfect half-cup size bra, the next step is finding the right bra style for you. Fortunately, ThirdLove has your back, offering half-cup sizes for some of our most popular styles.

Depending on your breast shape and outfit needs, you'll want to choose your bra accordingly. Specific styles may work best to help lift, support, and smooth your shape. Explore our Breast Shape Dictionary to learn more about different breast shapes and which silhouettes work best for each, and read through our Bra Style Guide for even more information on each bra type to find what's best for you. Alternatively, take our online Fitting Room Quiz for guidance on the ideal bra size and style that will suit your unique shape and preferences. 

If you're still uncertain, our team of specialists is here for you. You can always reach out to our friendly experts for personalized guidance through chat, email or text.  To make sure you have found the perfect fit and bra style, we offer a 100% fit guarantee with free returns and exchanges for 60 days, so try our bras in your new size without hesitation!