The Motherhood Bra Challenge

The Motherhood Bra Challenge

As a mother of two young kids under four years old and a founder of a bra company, I know first-hand how much your breasts can change throughout pregnancy, and for months (if not years) afterward. Between ten months of pregnancy, losing baby weight and breastfeeding, it’s a roller coaster of breast size fluctuation.

The first thing to realize when you become pregnant is that your bra size is going to change as your body changes, and that’s totally normal! Knowing how to deal with it – and which bras can help you transition – is the key to both being comfortable and finding a great fitting bra, no matter what stage you’re at.

Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past few years.

1. Utilize ½-cups™ as your size changes.

Oftentimes, fluctuations in your breast size can be minimal, and sometimes the change in your size isn’t big enough to jump up or down a full cup. At ThirdLove we’ve developed ½-cup™ sizes for women who fall in between standard industry sizes. For example, if you typically wear a 34C and your breasts grow a bit during pregnancy, bump up to a 34 C½ (but check with our Fit Finder® quiz to know for sure). These half cups will come in handy after baby comes too, as your breast size tends to peak in the first 1-2 months post birth and then decrease over time.

2. Invest in a comfortable, wireless bra.

Even though I’m not a usual wireless-only kind of girl, both times I’ve been pregnant I started to favor wireless bras by the end of the ten months. They just tend to be more comfortable, especially as your belly gets larger and larger, and your rib cage expands.

3. Clean out your lingerie drawer post-breastfeeding.

Once you’re done breastfeeding and your breast size settles, it’s a good idea to clean out any of the old sizes you have laying around your lingerie drawer and start fresh. Take our Fit Finder® quiz (or download our iOS App) to find your new bra size. You can also live chat with one of the Fit Stylists on our website who can help you find your new size. Many women (myself included) find their breasts are a bit smaller post-breastfeeding, you might need to go down a ½-cup™ to adjust.

When you’re rebuilding your bra drawer post-baby, look for everyday basics that you can wear under anything and keep you supported from day to night. Our 24/7™ Collection has kept me supported through all of the stages of motherhood so far!