What Should I Do If My Cups Are Too Roomy?

Woman modeling ThirdLove's Black 24/7 Classic Contour Plunge Bra

Our team of Fit Specialists is here to help you find bras that feel like they were made for you. We’ve worked with thousands of women find their perfect fit, so we’re sharing some of our best advice here.

In the world of travel, a little extra room is a good thing. Airline seats, hotel rooms and even ride sharing apps require you to pony up extra cash for more space. But with bras, it’s a whole different story. When your breasts have too much room, it feels more like you’re in the cargo hold than flying first class.


How to fix a bra cup that’s too big

First, determine what kind of extra space you have. Are the cups roomy all over? If so, try going down a whole (or even a half-cup size). Lots of women have told us that something as small as a half-cup adjustment has made all the difference in fit.

If your cups are just roomy at the top—what we call cup gaping—you’ll know because of the dreaded t-shirt ridge. If you can see the edge of your bra cup through a lightweight shirt, try tightening the straps. Sometimes a simple fix is all you need.

If tighter straps don’t fix the problem, you might need a different style. Women with East West, Asymmetric, Bell Shape, and Slender breasts often fare better in an uplift plunge or push-up styles. The angled cups on these bras help them fit snugly against your breast for a great fit and all-around smooth sailing. Our 24/7 Classic Uplift Plunge is a closet staple and features inserts for uplift when you want it.