Bell Shaped Breasts: How To Find The Best Bras For Bell Shaped Breasts

Bell Shaped Breasts: How To Find The Best Bras For Bell Shaped Breasts

When talking about breasts, what comes to the minds of many is breast size, and while getting it right on the breast size is important, the breast shape also affects a bra's fit and comfort. If you have bell shaped breasts, you may have struggled to find a bra that flatters your natural shape and provides adequate support. Worry no more; in this article, we will delve into everything you need to know about bell shaped breasts, from what they are, to how to determine if you have them, and we will look at the best bra styles for bell shaped breasts.

What are Bell Shaped Breasts?

Let us understand what bell shaped boobs are and how they differ from other breast shapes. As the name already suggests, bell shaped breasts mimic the shape of a classic bell. Bell shaped breasts are characterized by having more volume at the bottom than at the top. Picture a gentle slope gradually flowing into a fuller, rounder lower half. This shape typically characterizes women with larger cup sizes. Bell-shaped breasts should not be confused with relaxed breasts, which are typically due to aging. Bell shaped breasts are a result of genetics.

How to Measure Your Breast Shape

The first step in finding the best bra style is measuring your breast shape accurately. You only need a mirror to determine your breast shape; a pen and paper are optional additions. Stand in front of your mirror without a shirt or a bra, with your arms relaxed at your sides. Make an observation and take note of your breast shape. Leaning forward can also help.

Observe the breasts' fullness at the top and the bottom. If your breast tissues are significantly fuller at the bottom than the top, forming an almost bell-like shape, you are looking at bell shaped breasts. You could also make a sketch or take a photo of your breasts and compare them against our breast shape dictionary.

How Should Bras For Bell Shaped Breast Fit?

You may have already experienced overflow with minimum coverage styles like balconette or demi bras if you have bell shaped boobs. Finding the best bell shaped breast bras is necessary to give your curves a luxurious hug. Aim for bras that fit your breasts' upper and lower parts; they should encapsulate your lovely contours without any spillage or gaps. Look for bras with full coverage that feature wider memory foam straps to give you support without digging in. Remember, your bra should always work with your shape. If it's feeling restrictive, bid that bra adieu, and let us get you your perfect match. Explore our bra style guide to learn more about different silhouettes and see which ones will work best for you!

What types of Bras Work Best With Bell Shaped Boobs?

So what's the secret sauce to finding the perfect brassiere for your bell shaped beauties? How do you pick a bra style for bell shaped breasts? It's all about giving them the love they deserve, and where better to find bras that do exactly that than at ThirdLove!


24/7® Perfect Coverage Bra

The 24/7® Perfect Coverage bra gives you the perfect marriage of comfort and coverage. It is the everyday elegance partner for those with bell shaped breasts. It molds to your bust shape perfectly with ultra-thin memory form cups, and the memory form straps distribute the weight evenly and prevent digging and slipping. 

24/7® Classic Perfect Coverage Bra


24/7® Second Skin Unlined Bra

When you have bell shape boobs, there's nothing better than embracing your natural shape with the grace and allure it deserves. The 24/7® Second Skin unlined bra gives you that and gently supports and hugs your curves to enhance your shape. Its seamless design eliminates any visible lines under your clothes. 

24/7® Classic Second Skin Unlined


Lace Contour Plunge Bra

The Lace Contour Plunge bra is designed to unleash a sexy and flattering look for any bust. Its removable pads allow you to customize your cleavage without adding extra bulk. The delicate lace overlay adds a feminine flair, and the flattering plunge neckline shows off your cleavage; it's a touch of luxury that's made to be flaunted.

All Day Lace Uplift Plunge Bra



All breast shapes - including bell shaped breasts - deserve to find comfortable and supportive bras! For additional bras that we recommend for this shape, explore our collection of bras for bell shaped breasts.