How to Prevent Breast Sweat

A woman modeling ThirdLove's Pima Cotton Wireless bra in white.

Why Pima Cotton is our heat wave hero.

Let’s get one thing clear: breast sweat is natural and inevitable — it happens to literally everyone. But how you handle it, that is in your complete control.

It should be noted that breast sweat is not an isolated thing that happens once a year. Yes, we are more prone to it in the hotter summer months, but those heavy wool sweats are DEFINITELY doing their job — I say as I remove my sweat covered bra (apologies for the graphic description).

To keep the sweat at bay, or at least under control, Pima Cotton is your ultimate MVP, and here’s why:

1. It’s breathable

Air circulation is key when it comes to minimizing breast sweat and Pima cotton is all that and then some. Added bonus: our Pima Cotton T-Shirt Bra is the best bra for hot weather with a front keyhole design for added air flow that keeps things cool even in the dog days of summer.

2. Naturally cooling

Pima Cotton is not only breathable, but keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold (note: warm, not sweaty) thanks to it’s longer fibers that make it softer, lighter and stronger than other fabrics.

3. Light and soft

Less about preventing breast sweat and more about keeping you comfortable (it can’t hurt!). As we said above, since Pima Cotton feels light and soft on your skin, it naturally prevents any uncomfortable rubbing or rashes.

4. Looks totally effortless

Ok ok, we know — this doesn’t have to do with breast sweat, BUT it doesn’t hurt that you’ll look fantastic in our Pima Cotton Collection, not to mention notably non-sweaty.


Did we mention: this amazing fabric also makes for fantastic underwear. Get your full Pima Cotton look with our Pima Cotton Collection.

Additional reporting by Kate Kittredge.