Is Your Bra Cup Size Too Big but the Band Fits? Here's What To Do

Is Your Bra Cup Size Too Big but the Band Fits? Here's What To Do

Sometimes, the quest for finding the perfect bra fit proves elusive; we've all been there. You find that stunning piece of lingerie, and it fits like a dream - well, almost. One common bra dilemma is getting a cup size too big, but the band fits. Don't worry; you are not alone. We are here to navigate this terrain. In this article, we'll explore signs that your bra cup may be too big and walk you through how to fix it.


What are the Signs Your Bra Cup is Too Big?

Wondering if your bra is too big? Here are some telltale signs.


Your bra cups gap

Looking down at your bra and noticing a gap between your breasts and the cups is one of the annoying signs that your bra cup is too big. The gap might not be too big to notice while standing, but whenever you lean forward, the gap may become more apparent.


Wrinkled bra cup fabric

Is your bra cup that is unlined wrinkling up? Are the pads of your lined or padded bra wrinkled when you take it off? That's a surefire sign that your bra cup is too big.


Not feeling supported

One of the fundamental jobs of a bra is supporting your boobs. However, you might notice that your breasts are not getting that natural lift, and by the end of the day, you find your breasts slipping. It means your cups are likely too big, not keeping your breasts in place.


Your bra wires dig into your armpits or chest

When you wear a bra that is too big, you end up with an underwire that does not hug your breasts closely enough; this allows the wire to move around and irritate your skin.



How are Bras Supposed to Fit?

Before diving into finding the perfect fit, let's clarify how a well-fitted bra should fit. Your bra should not gap, and your breasts should not spill. When you are in a bra that fits appropriately, the cups should cradle and embrace your bosom without any spillage over the top, sides or bottom.

The Bra band should be snug but not too tight. The band must be tight enough to support your breasts but not get too tight. The general rule of thumb is that you should be able to slide two fingers underneath. The straps should stay on your shoulders without slipping off or digging in. Most importantly, your bra should be comfortable and give you the support you need; you should almost forget you are in one.


Sister Sizing Explained

If your bra cup is too big, but the band fits well, your best solution is to try a bra with the same band size but down a half or one cup size. For instance, if you wear a 36D and the cup is too big, but the band fits, try a 36C bra size. You do not need to try your sister's sizes for such a case. Then, what is the point of sister sizing? You ask.

A bra sister size is a different bra size with the same cup volume as your original size but with a different band size. If you go down in the band size, you need to go up in the cup size to maintain the same cup volume. On the other hand, if you go up one band size, you should go down one cup size. For example, if you wear a 36D, your sister sizes are 34E on the size down and 38C on the up. Sister sizes work because as the band size changes, so does the cup size proportionally. Sister sizes are handy when your cups fit perfectly but your band is too tight or too loose.




How to Measure Your Bra Size at Home

If you are still unsure about your bra size, don't worry. You can find your size at home easily using our online Fitting Room Quiz! Want to put your DIY skills to the test? Follow along to learn how to measure your bra size, the ThirdLove way!


Measure your band size

While standing, wrap a soft tape measure around your ribcage under your breasts. Exhale to get the smallest measurement and ensure the tape is snug and tight but not uncomfortable. If the measurement is even, add 2 inches; if odd, add 3 inches. These additional inches help make up for the difference between when the elastic is stretched and not stretched.


Measure your bust size.

Measure around the fullest part of your bust (typically where your nipples are) with the tape comfortably snug. The tape should always be parallel to the ground. Round up to the nearest half inch.


Calculate your cup size.

Subtract your bust size from your band size to get your cup size. The difference in the two corresponds to a letter starting from AA for 0 inches, A for 1 inch, B for 2 inches and so on. At ThirdLove, we offer half cups, so if the difference is half, we have you covered.

Still having trouble finding a solution to your bra woes? Chat with our Fit Stylists online to get help finding your perfect fit and style. Looking for in person help? All of our Fit Experts in stores can help you find the perfect bra!