By Women For Women: How ThirdLove Bras are Made

ThirdLove's signature bra straps and sliders

I often get asked what the secret is behind ThirdLove bras. My answer? Women.

Bra straps and sliders in how ThirdLove Bras are made

By women, for women

I founded ThirdLove in 2013 because I believe women deserve bras that are as beautiful as they are functional. When women are comfortable and confident, there are more ways for them to live the lives they want.

In order to truly create this bra that does it all, we’ve found you have to be laser-focused on the details. A lot of people don’t know this, but bras are actually extremely technical garments—and there are over 30 components that go into making each one. That level of detail requires incredible focus and expertise.

ThirdLove's bras being made

Meet our team of experts—at every step

Creating a better bra is no easy task, and we knew we couldn’t do it alone. That’s why we have everyone from our team of bra designers in California to our production team abroad all committed to getting it right.

At our core, we believe that when women design bras, comfort happens. Women know what it’s like to wear a bra every day, all day—and understand the specific fit issues that bother women most. Because of all of this female talent, we’re able to create better-fitting bras that you’ll love wearing.

Memory foam cups being shaped into ThirdLove's bra cups

A collection made with love

Hundreds of women work in our factory, and every day they invest their time into little details that truly make a difference in how your bra fits, feels and looks. The women who make our bras are highly skilled and trained sewers. They understand the importance of every stitch and seam as they create our bras.

From the foam lined closure to the gold alloy hardware and the tagless printing, we think it’s worth it to invest in all these little details. Sure, these components cost more, but to us, going the extra mile is worth it to create a bra so comfortable you may forget to take it off.

Get an inside look at how we make our bras:

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