Is the Size for a Push-up Bra the same as a Regular Bra?

Is the Size for a Push-up Bra the same as a Regular Bra?

When shopping for a bra, you’ll come across regular and push-up bras. We believe there’s a place for each type in a woman’s top drawer, but there are distinctions to be aware of. Learn more about these differences and whether there’s a difference in sizing between regular and push-up bras.

Normal Bras vs. Push-up Bras

There are a few key differences between push-up and regular bras. Here’s a brief overview of both bra types. 

What is a normal bra?

A traditional bra is designed to support your breasts and enhance their shape. Several style varieties are available, from full-cup bras to demis and bralettes. Usually, this type of bra does not make your breasts appear larger. 

What is a push-up bra?

Compared to a regular bra, a push-up bra has several distinctive features: 

  • Extra padding. Push-up bras have extra padding toward the bottom of the cups. This padding gives your breasts some lift and volume. There are three “levels” of push-up bras, with Level III bras having the most padding. 
  • Increased cleavage. Those with smaller chests often wear push-up bras to increase their cleavage. Push-up bras push your breasts together toward the center, which gives the appearance of fuller, larger breasts. 
  • Underwire. Push-up bras have underwire, which provides extra support and lift. While there are some wireless push-up bras, they are not common and don’t provide as much lift as their wired counterparts.
  • Tilted cups. The bottom of the cups will be slightly tilted. This allows the bra to better lift and shape your breasts for the desired push-up effect. 

Differences in Cup Size

There is no difference in cup size between regular and push-up bras. Once you know your traditional bra size, simply buy the same-size push-up bra. 

You'll need two measurements to determine your bra size: your band size and your cup size. Learn how to take the measurement for each in our bra measurement guide

Does Push-up Bra Size Really Matter?

Yes, the size of the push-up bra you wear does matter. Like with traditional bras, wearing the wrong size can result in pain, chafing, overflow, and a lack of support. 

When shopping for a push-up bra, buying the same size as your regular bra size is best. This is because push-up bras are sized and designed specifically with regular bra size in mind. 

Wearing a push-up bra that fits right will give you the best support, comfort, and oomph. 

Are Push-up Bras True Underwire?

Yes, push-up bras use true underwire. The underwire helps to lift and shape the breasts, and it also provides extra support. 

Different Styles of Push-up Bras

Push-up bras come in a variety of styles and you’ll want to choose your silhouette based on your outfit and end goal. Here are a few of the most common push-bra styles: 


A strapless push-up bra is like a regular strapless bra, but it provides extra support and lift. This style is usually better suited to women with larger breasts, as they’re able to hold up the bra. It’s perfect to wear with sleeveless dresses or tops. 


A plunge bra features - you guessed it - a plunging bra neckline, revealing even more cleavage. It’s perfect for wearing with dresses or blouses with low necklines. 


A bridal push-up bra is typically made from lace or sheer materials for a more romantic look 


As the name suggests, a t-shirt push-up bra is as comfortable as your favorite T-shirt and doesn’t show through, thanks to smoothing cups. 


A push-up bra with demi cups will cover only about half your breasts. This lets you show off some extra cleavage, and it’s great to wear beneath tops with low necklines. 


While demi cups give a slightly more square neckline, balconette bras provide a super flattering sweetheart neckline. Both demi & balconette bras expose more cleavage than traditional bras, so are oftentimes interchangeable. 


This style of push-up bra sticks to your body without the use of a back, usually via gripped or adhesive panels. It’s perfect to wear with a backless dress. A backless push-up bra might be fun to try on a date night or other special event. 

Picking the Right Bra for You (& Your Boobs)

At ThirdLove, we understand the difference a great bra can make. Designed with premium fabrics and luxe details, our bras are designed with your body in mind. Whether you’re looking for a new (& better) push-up bra for everyday or a special occasion, be sure to shop all of our available styles and shades to make sure you never go without a great bra – because your boobs deserve the best.