All Balconette Bras

Our balconette bras have lower cut cups and wider set straps for a look with less coverage.

The Perfect Balconette Bra

What is a balconette bra and who should wear one?

If you’re looking for slightly less coverage than a classic demi or t-shirt bra, our balconette bra is a great bra for you. Balconette bras are the perfect style for most breast shapes, especially if you have fuller breasts. While not the same lingerie style as a traditional push-up bra, the balconette bra will uplift your breasts and give them a more rounded shape. The style of the balconette bra is in the name, since it lifts from the bottom similar to a balcony, with straps that lift from the sides of the cup. In traditional style bras like our 24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra, the straps begin more toward the center of the cup.