Types of Bras - Different Bra Styles Every Woman Should Know

How to tell the difference between different bras types.

Not sure of the differences between the different types of bras? We put together a cheat sheet for all the bra styles and their unique benefits.



What are the Different Types of Bras?

Do you like lower cut cups, or full coverage? Do you like straps that are wider set, or closer together? Always dedicated to finding your perfect fit, we are utilizing our bra expertise to guide you through the different bra types and their best use cases to help you know exactly what to ask and look for the next time you are bra shopping.

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ThirdLove T-Shirt bra.

What Is a T-Shirt Bra?

A T-Shirt bra is a bra that is completely invisible even under even your thinnest t-shirt — no excess bulk, zero bra lines. To do this, t-Shirt bras are constructed to completely form to your body to eliminate gaping and digging. The cups are seamless and generally lined to smooth out any lumps and make sure that no nipple shows through. This second-skin fit also means that T-Shirt bras have earned a reputation as one of the most comfortable bra styles for all body types. 


ThirdLove plunge bra.

What Is a Plunge Bra?

A plunge bra might be the easiest bra to spot. Identified by the v-neckline, plunge bras have angled cups that help eliminate gaping while giving your breasts a little accentuation for a push-up kind of look, without any excess padding. Plunge bras generally offer lower coverage but are incredibly versatile, with a low neckline that remains invisible under most tops and dresses.


ThirdLove balconette bra.

What Is a Balconette Bra?

Telling signs that you have found a balconette bra are in the cups and straps. The cups offer a little less coverage than a classic demi for an added emphasis on your natural cleavage. The straps are set wider apart for the same purpose, almost to the edge of your shoulders. Fun fact: the balconette bra is named after the architectural feature because it is supposed to act as a literal balcony, or shelf, for your breasts.


 ThirdLove sports bra.

What Is a Sports Bra?

Since sports bras are specifically designed to be worn when exercising, their main goals are to provide excellent support and minimize breast tissue movement during activity. There are three different impact levels that sports bras are designed for – high impact, medium impact, and low impact – and depending on which activity you are planning on doing, you will want to choose a different sports bra to make sure you are fully supported. At ThirdLove, our high-impact Kinetic Sports Bra comes in cup-band sizes for maximum support no matter your breast size. To keep your sports bra in great shape wear after wear, make sure to gently wash it after every workout.


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