Choosing the Best Bra to Lift, Support & Shape Your Breasts

Choosing the Best Bra to Lift, Support & Shape Your Breasts

No one wants to spend hours sifting through different types of bras only to find something that painfully digs into their shoulders or pokes their boobs. We are here to say goodbye to the disappointment of finding the wrong bras for your boob shape.

From wireless bras and bralettes to plunge styles, our guide will help you choose the right bra that is not only incredibly comfortable and supportive but also flattering!


How To Choose The Best Bra Depending On Your Breast Type

Depending on your breast shape, you will need different levels of support and lift. For example, women with heavier breasts may require more support and coverage, while a petite woman may be looking for more lift. Just like size, the shape of the breast also determines the best bra style for you. Bras that provide the best support for tear-drop boobs may not be the best fit for asymmetrical or round breasts.

To help you find the best bra for your breast shape, we’ve put together this detailed bra guide!


ThirdLove T-Shirt bras.

T-Shirt Bra

A t-shirt bra is an everyday staple! This bra creates an invisible finish and can be worn under a t-shirt, supporting and lifting your breasts. It smooths your silhouette through molded cups, making your breasts look rounder and naturally lifted. 

T-shirt bras with an underwire are the best for sagging breasts. However, some T-shirt bras come without an underwire. Their primary function is to provide comfort and may focus less on support.

T-shirt bras work well to provide coverage under body-hugging outfits. This bra style works well for all breast shapes as it is a basic staple that will effortlessly provide lift and coverage.


ThirdLove wireless bras.

Wireless Bra

If you're looking for the best bra for lift and support without an underwire, a wireless bra will be your favorite pick! Wireless bras are more comfortable and feel like a second skin than their wired counterparts.

Look for a wireless bra with contoured cups such as our Form 360 Fit™ Wireless Bra - this will help provide additional support for your breasts. A wide band will also help maximize comfort and give you a smooth shape under any clothing.

A wireless bra is an excellent option for those with round breasts who wish to maximize comfort. While any size can appreciate the comforts of a wireless bra, this bra type works best for those under a DD/E cup, as those with heavier breasts may prefer bras with an underwire for enhanced support.  


ThirdLove full coverage bras.

Full Coverage

All heavy-breasted women are familiar with the exhaustion of finding the perfect bra to later discover that it does not provide sufficient coverage.

The best bra for lift and side support is a full-coverage bra featuring foam cups and lined straps like our 24/7® Perfect Coverage Bra. The cups should be comfortable and provide maximum coverage, minimizing breast spillage.

Some full-coverage bra styles also feature an underwire for enhanced support. Therefore, they work best for heavier breasts or bell-shaped boobs. A full-coverage bra can also benefit those with asymmetrical breasts by providing even coverage and creating a more symmetrical appearance.


ThirdLove unlined bras.


Unlined bras are just like a second skin. As evident by their name, unlined bras are made up of a single layer of fabric without padding. They help to gently shape the breast without adding any additional volume.

Unlined bras are the best for those looking for subtle lift and support and are also a great option for those looking to let their natural shape shine. We offer a full coverage unlined bra - the 24/7® Second Skin Unlined Bra - perfect for everyday wear as well as unlined minimizer options.


ThirdLove minimizer bra.


Bra shopping can be overwhelming for women with heavier boobs. If you have fuller breasts, worry not! A minimizer bra will be your best friend as it effectively reduces unnecessary bulk and creates a smoother silhouette.

Minimizer bras offer a comfortable fit while distributing the breast tissues for a more constrained and even look. It is perfect for women with larger cups, saving them from wardrobe malfunctions and breast spillage. We offer minimizers in both wired and wireless so you can find the perfect style for your shape.


ThirdLove plunge bra.


The versatility of a plunge bra remains unmatched as it provides less coverage but manages to lift saggy, slender, or asymmetrical breasts.

Featuring a v-neckline and angled cups, a plunge bra is great for both large and small breasts. This silhouette is not only the best bra to lift and separate large breasts but also provides lots of lift for those with smaller breasts who wish to accentuate their cleavage.


ThirdLove plunge bra.


We all love the feminine look of a lace bra, as it comes with beautiful designs and textures. Whether you’re looking for a classic lace balconette, a sexy lace push-up, or a comfortable lace bralette, there is a style to suit every breast shape. 

The flexible, stretchy fabric cup of a lace bra without wire is perfect for slender or tear-shaped breasts. These bras also feature a less rigid cup, but the straps are strong yet feel light on the shoulders, ideal for enhanced comfort with minimal support.


ThirdLove bralettes.


Bralettes are one of the most confidence-boosting bras! This hybrid between a tank top and a bra provides coverage with minimal support as it does not feature an underwire. 

You can easily wear it as clothing too. However, since bralettes offer less structure and padding, this style would not suit people looking for maximum support. So, if you have larger or heavier breasts, you should be mindful when purchasing a bralette as it may not provide the support you are looking for.


ThirdLove strapless bras.


Every woman must own a couple of strapless bras for an effortlessly chic look. It goes well with almost every dress, making it a wardrobe essential. A strapless bra stays true to its name and offers coverage without straps.

It works well for most breast sizes and shapes. However, those with heavier busts should opt for wired strapless bras with molded cups for additional support.


Finding the Perfect Bra

Choosing the best bra to lift, support, and shape your breasts is daunting. We hope our bra guide helped demystify the different silhouettes and styles available. With a basic understanding of your breast shape, you can choose the best bra for yourself and get all the support required to conquer the world.