From Bikini To Briefs: Underwear Guide For Women

From Bikini To Briefs: Underwear Guide For Women

You can truly never have too much underwear. It’s a basic that you wear everyday and nothing is worse than running out of underwear before laundry day. There are a variety of different underwear silhouettes, and it’s always nice to have a couple different options in your top drawer. Before deciding which pair to invest in next, read our underwear guide to learn more about the different styles and fabrications available.


What Are The Different Types Of Women’s Underwear?

There are several different types of underwear for women, including hipsters, boyshorts, bikinis, cheekies, thongs, briefs, and shapewear. Most women have one style of underwear that they prefer, but it’s always nice to mix things up and see if you enjoy any other silhouettes. Some styles are also better suited for certain outfits, so it’s nice to have options. At ThirdLove, we offer a wide variety of hipsters, bikinis, thongs, and more so that you can find your perfect silhouette.


bikini vs hipster underwear

Bikini Vs Hipster

Hipsters and bikinis are two of the most popular silhouettes. They both offer moderate coverage and are great for everyday wear.

Bikini underwear features medium back coverage and less front and side coverage with low-cut waists and high-cut legs. At ThirdLove, we offer a variety of bikini underwear in different fabrications like lace and cotton to cater to your needs. They are also available in matching panties and bra sets that fit perfectly.

Hipsters, on the other hand, provide more back coverage and sit just below your natural waistline. You could describe them as mid-rise panties, and they’re one of the most common styles of panties. They also cover more of the leg line than bikini underwear due to their relatively thicker waistband. Our collection of hipster underwear comes in different colors, patterns, and fabrics so that you can choose what you love.


brief vs boyshort underwear

Briefs Vs Boyshorts

Briefs and boyshorts are two underwear silhouettes that provide more coverage than other styles.

Briefs are a great choice if you need coverage and don’t want to worry about harsh panty lines. They fit under most outfits and are quite popular. However, the waistline of briefs are typically higher than that of other underwear, so they might not be the best fit for low-rise outfits.

Boyshorts are mid-rise and provide complete coverage, so they are popular for lounging around in and under dresses. They’re convenient to wear because the materials are soft, stretchy, and sleek.

Boyshorts would likely not be the best fit under body hugging dresses as the lines would be visible. However, they are perfect for wearing underneath oversized T-shirts and sneakers as they’re comfortable and wedgie-free.


Different Thong Materials

Thongs are one of the most popular underwear styles for women. For those who aren’t sure which material is best for their thongs, here’s a little guidance; The standard thong materials are cotton, mesh, satin, and lace. Of all these materials, cotton thongs offer the most comfort and are the most breathable. This style is perfect for everyday wear. On the other hand, a soft lace thong is perfect and airy as well. One of the greatest benefits of thongs is that you can rock a thong under almost anything! Because they offer minimal coverage, they’re seamless and never show panty lines, making them the best underwear for under yoga pants and tight dresses.

At ThirdLove, we have an extensive collection of thong underwear in different colors and fabrics.If you’re looking for something sexy to feel confident in, a lacy thong is an elegant go-to option. Satin and mesh thongs are classy and eye-catching as well while cotton thongs are great for everyday wear. Our thongs are made with carefully selected materials and colors that are are perfect for both special occasions and everyday wear.


What Is Shapewear & When To Wear It

Shapewear does what its name says. It “shapes” your body to help highlight your curves. It does this by using thicker, less stretchy material to compress the body in the right places to create a snatched look. It’s a popular undergarment that has become part of most women’s top drawer. They are made in multiple styles, such as waist cinchers, control camisoles, and body briefs so you’re sure to find a silhouette to work under your outfit for your body.

Good shapewear elevates your look and helps clothes fit better, especially when your outfit is tight or made of materials that show more lumps. Some women avoid shapewear because of its reputation of being very uncomfortable. However, it’s important to note that recent advancements in undergarment construction and fabrication have made shapewear more comfortable and breathable. This is a good time to do away with fear and add shapewear to your closet.


Upgrade Your Underwear With ThirdLove

If you’re looking to upgrade your underwear collection with comfortable and beautiful designs specifically made to fit your body, ThirdLove offers a wide variety of options. Check out our women’s underwear collection and start shopping with us today!