Strapless Bra Buying Guide: Most Comfortable Strapless Bras & Finding The Right Fit For You

Strapless Bra Buying Guide: Most Comfortable Strapless Bras & Finding The Right Fit For You

There are two kinds of people - those who fall in love with strapless bras at first sight, and those who just don’t get how you can wear something without straps and feel comfortable. With strapless bras, it’s all about finding the right fit. Even the most stylish-looking strapless bra will feel awkward if it’s not hugging you in all the right places. That’s why at ThirdLove, we have created a collection of strapless bras that not only look beautiful but also offer a great level of comfort and support. Made with premium fabrics, they are perfect for daily wear or for those special occasions when you want to showcase a gown with open shoulders or a backless top.


How is a Strapless Bra Supposed to Fit?

If you’re looking for the best strapless bra ever, then pay extra attention to the right fit. So, how should a strapless bra fit? A perfect strapless bra (or any other bra for that matter) should give you great support without feeling too tight. Naturally, it should stay where it’s supposed to and never fall down. If your strapless bra feels like it’s about to slide down at any second, then it’s a no-go! Strapless bras stay in place due to extra support from the band. In fact, straps aren’t even that important in most bra designs, but they do keep the bra flat against your chest and reduce gaping, so make sure that the strapless bra cups fit you perfectly and leave no room at the top! 

If you’re not sure about the right bra size, you’re not alone! Take our Fitting Room Quiz to find your perfect bra size with just a few questions. Just like with all other bras, the perfect fit matters the most when choosing a strapless one. But once you find your correct bra size, all bra designs will become your best buddies, strapless or not!


What to Look for in a Strapless Bra

Strapless bras have a few distinctive features that make them stand out from all other bra designs. Here’s what to look for in a strapless bra to ensure that it’s comfy and supportive:

  • No-slip grip. Without it, a strapless bra becomes a recipe for disaster and you don’t really want to spend the evening keeping your bra from sliding down. It’s definitely one of the most important features of a strapless bra!
  • Versatile straps. Many women avoid buying strapless bras because these designs end up spending most of their lifetime inside the drawer. But they’re missing out on so many fun outfits with open shoulders and open backs! If that sounds familiar, we have a solution for you. ThirdLove strapless bra designs come with customizable straps that can be added any time you need a classic bra look. This way you can have more options for different styles and occasions.
  • The right cup size. Picking the right cup size is everything when it comes to strapless bras. That’s why our bra designs feature half-cup sizes for that perfect fit we’re all dreaming about.
  • Snug fit. Women with larger breasts know just how important it is for the bra to hug you in all the right places. The snug fit offers extra support, comfort, and the confidence that only a perfect-fitting bra can give you. Look for strapless bras with wider bands that will support your breasts, and more hooks in the back for a snugger fit.


Difference Between a Strapless Bra vs Backless Bra

Just as the name suggests, strapless bras have no straps. Their support relies heavily on the band and silicone lining on the edges of the bra to prevent slipping. Strapless bras have been around for ages, playing a key role in creating beautiful wedding and evening looks. Our 24/7® Classic Strapless Bra has everything you could wish for in a bra - a sleek design, customizable straps for more outfit options, and ultra-thin memory foam cups to create a truly stunning silhouette. Our Lightweight Bandeau Bra is another lightweight strapless bra that can be styled in multiple ways and can even be worn as a standalone top. It also features removable straps and 3 styling options: bandeau, x-back, and tank back.

Backless bras are even stealthier and can be worn with backless dresses or any other outfits that require some invisible breast support. Also known as stick-on bras or adhesive bras, they are made with silicone that hugs your breasts, lifting them in a beautiful way. They are wireless, flexible, and incredibly versatile when it comes to styling options. Our Gatherall Backless Bra is reusable, washable, flexible, and is made with the most comfy adhesive silicone for extra support. It’s ultra-thin and remarkably easy to wear!


When to Wear a Strapless Bra

Strapless bras are perfect for all of your off-shoulder outfits and no-back evening dresses. There isn’t one general rule about when to wear a strapless bra because it can be paired with the casual everyday outfit as well. As long as you’re comfortable and have the perfect fit, you can wear a strapless bra every day! Of course, plunging neckline dresses demand wearing a strapless bra and this is when it will shine the most.