Essential Bras For Every Wardrobe

Essential Bras For Every Wardrobe

An expert’s guide to bra styles that can instantly elevate your entire closet.

Support means something different for every woman, and every body. To help guide you through this sometimes intimidating process, we’ve broken down all of the bra styles, and the benefits they offer to your wardrobe.

Illustration highlighting all of ThirdLove's essential bra styles and silhouettes

#1: The T-Shirt Bra

Made to be completely invisible under even your thinnest T-shirt, the T-Shirt bra is perfect for when you’re not sure what you’re going to wear, or where you’ll be going, but you just need to be comfortable.


#2 The Plunge Bra

The Plunge bra is made to lift you up, and hold you in. The angled cups form to the natural curve of your breasts to keep you held in, with broader straps for extra coverage and security against nip slips.


#3 The Uplift Plunge Bra

Closely related to the traditional plunge bra, the Uplift Plunge bra is a modern take on a classic push up bra. A lower amount of coverage with angled cups and a v-neckline, the Uplift Plunge brings your breasts together to emphasize your natural cleavage.


#4: The Perfect Coverage

A full-coverage design, the Perfect Coverage is ideal for those who are looking for extra comfort and support without hiding your natural curves.


#5: The Wireless Bra

A comfort-focused silhouette, the Wireless bra is made for the support and lift expected of a well-fitting bra, without the wire.


#6: The Racerback

If slipping straps are a constant problem for you, then you need a great Racerback. With straps that come together in the back, and a convenient front closure, a Racerback bra is great for a little extra strap security and easy dressing.


#7 The Strapless

The name says it all: support without the straps. A great Strapless bra will stay up and support you no matter what, and is ideal not just for a strapless shirt or dress, but any kind of complicated sleeve situation.


#8: The Multi-Way

Not to be confused with a strapless bra, a Multi-Way bra includes straps that you can adjust and reattach to completely customize the fit and style of your bra, earning its place as one of your most versatile bras in your top drawer.


#9: The Balconette

A lower-cut bra with wider-set straps, the Balconette is made to lift and emphasize your natural cleavage. Think of it as a literal balcony, or shelf, for your breasts. A classic silhouette, this is a bra you can wear under almost anything, but also a flirtier fit for you to have some fun with.


#10: The Nursing Bra

A great resource for new mamas, a Nursing bra should not only be easy to use for, you guessed it, breastfeeding, but still function the way a classic bra should. It should keep you supported, comfortable, and help you feel your best.


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