Why You Need a Great Strapless Bra as the Weather Heats Up

Why You Need a Great Strapless Bra as the Weather Heats Up

While bra shopping in general is not an experience that many women look forward to, shopping for strapless bras can be especially uncomfortable. Notoriously, this bra style slips down, digs in and causes uncomfort. Either it’s too big and you’re pulling it up all day and night, or you sized down (to ensure it stays put), and it jabs into your rib cage.

So when we set out to design our 24/7® Classic Strapless Bra, we knew we had to put in long hours to ensure it was just right. After all, there are so many scenarios where you just have to wear a strapless bra — and we don’t think you should have to sacrifice comfort for style.


Benefits of a Strapless Bra

Like ThirdLove’s 24/7® Classic Strapless Bra, an excellent strapless bra offers many benefits. For one, it gives you a versatile option to rock under any tricky outfit. Whether you are donning the glamorous evening gown, a chic off-the-shoulder top, or a summery sundress with a strapless bra, you know you are covered. No worries about straps peeking through or ruining the clean lines of your outfit

Another huge perk is the confidence boost that comes from that feeling of knowing you look and feel your best. Picture this: you’re dressed to the nines for a special event, and your outfit of choice demands a strapless bra. With the right one, you can stand shoulders high, knowing you are flawlessly supported and not worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.

On top of the impeccable look, the best strapless bras ensure unparalleled support and comfort. With the ThirdLove strapless bra, it feels like a natural extension of yourself. You can go about your day with ease, and at the end of it, you won’t have the urge to rip off your bra the moment you step through the door.


Strapless Bra Features to Look For

When shopping for the best strapless bra, there are a few features to keep your eye out for:

  • Supportive Band
    The biggest concern regarding strapless bras is slipping. Look for a wide, comfortable band with silicone lining that stays put without feeling constricting. The silicone will help gently grip your skin and ensure everything stays firmly in place no matter your movement.

  • Customizable Fit
    Versatility is key! Seek out a strapless bra with options for customization. A strapless bra that comes with straps that can be worn conventionally, halter neck, or even crisscrossed is super handy. It allows you to tailor it to your unique style; this way, you can adapt the bra to fit any outfit. With the ThirdLove strapless bra, you get two strap sets included: one that matches the bra color and a transparent one.

  • Supportive Underwire
    A wired strapless bra will give you more lift and shaping than a wire-free style. Look for a sturdy, comfortable underwire that won’t dig in.

  • Breathable Fabric
    Nobody wants to feel suffocated in their bras, especially in the warmer months or during high-energy events. Your best option is a strapless bra crafted from a lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking material. It will help keep you cool even in the hottest of days.

With our strapless bra, we've kept in mind all of these considerations to create the best strapless bra possible. Here are three reasons why our 24/7® Classic Strapless Bra will be a great addition to your top drawer.


1. The Little Details Make A Difference.

The key to designing a strapless bra that won’t budge or slip is simple: elastic. Our 24/7® Classic Strapless Bra seamlessly hugs your curves, while the silicone elastic at the cup edge and back keep it firmly in place.

And, we designed our strapless bra with all of the other details you’ve come to know and love about ThirdLove bras: our signature foam-padded tagless closure and foam cups that fit like a second skin. Plus, it’s one of the most lightweight bras we’ve ever tried — it won’t weigh you down or fall throughout the day. We think these little details make ours the most comfortable and supportive strapless bra you’ll ever try!


2. Off-The-Shoulder Tops & Dresses Are Trending.

Strapless tops and dresses are summer staples! Whether it’s a flowy, dreamy off-the-shoulder top for a backyard get-together or a wedding you’re wearing a strapless dress to, you need a great strapless bra to go alongside your spring and summer looks.


3. It’s Wedding Season!

Spring is in the air — and that means wedding season. Between all of those brunches, dinners and late nights dancing, you’ll definitely need a strapless bra you can count on. Our nude option is great for underneath white gowns or dresses, while our black bra would be best for a dark colored evening gown.

Remember: if you’re wearing dark hues, always wear a black bra underneath — a lighter shade will show through, especially when flash photography is involved.


ThirdLove for All Your Strapless Bra Needs

Having a perfect understanding of what makes a great strapless bra, we meticulously designed our 24/7® Classic Strapless Bra. The supportive foam cups ensure your breasts stay supported and lifted without spilling. We use soft silicone at the top and bottom to give the bra grip, ensuring it comfortably hugs your curves without slipping. Plus, the convertible straps offer ultimate versatility. This bra checks all the boxes. 

The best part about ThirdLove is our commitment to inclusivity and ensuring everyone can find their ideal fit. The bra is available in band sizes 32-44 and cups A to G, including half-cup sizes so that you can find your perfect match. 

In addition to the renowned 24/7 Classic Strapless bra, we offer a range of strapless solutions for your needs. For backless dresses, check out Gatherall Backless Bra, which uses adhesive to keep you supported without any straps or bands. And for the ultimate in strapless freedom, the Nippies Skin Adhesive Nipple Covers and Nippies Breast Tape allow you to go completely strapless while still providing a little coverage and shape. With ThirdLove’s comprehensive range of strapless options, you can say goodbye to wardrobe malfunctions and hello to effortless style.


Shop our 24/7® Classic Strapless Bra now to prep your wardrobe for spring and summer!