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Bra Style Guide

  • ThirdLove Bra Style Guide T-Shirt Bras T-Shirt

    It's good to have at least two nude and one black in your drawer. These styles are smoothing and invisible under clothing - which means you don't have to worry about elastic digging in or nipple show-through. Perfect for everyday wear, our Smoothing & Invisible bras are designed to be comfortable - so comfortable you might just forget to take it off at the end of your day.

    Style Tip: For an invisible look under a white top, wear nude not white! (Thanks Mom, you never told us that one...)

    Works well for all breast shapes.

  • ThirdLove Bra Style Guide Push-Up Bras Push-Up

    Does it need an introduction? Whether you want a little or a lot, Push-Up Bras have extra padding at the bottom of the cup to provide instant cleavage. 

    Style Tip: Push-up bras can give you great lift, but make sure you’re getting a smooth transition from cup to breast along the top edge so that you don’t have the dreaded “double boob” effect.

    Works well for most breast shapes if you want lift.

  • ThirdLove Bra Style Guide Full Coverage Bras Full Coverage

    Looking for a supportive bra with more coverage? We've got you covered - Full Coverage is the best style for you. While the bra's cups may be unlined or foam-lined, they are all designed with gorgeous supportive fabrics that are just as flattering as similar bras with less coverage.

    Style Tip: Straps and elastics don’t have to be super wide and thick to be supportive. We designed our bras with higher quality elastics that are narrower but still very supportive.

    Works best for Bell Shape and East West breasts.

  • ThirdLove Bra Style Guide Multi-Way Bras Multi-Way

    If you want a versatile bra to wear as a halter-style, cross-back, one shoulder, or strapless then multi-way bras are a great option. It's good to have one of these in your drawer in nude or black.

    Style Tip: If you want maximum flexibility in a bra, go with the multi-way - especially when you’re trying to pack light for vacation. It may be the one and only bra you’ll need.

    Works well for all breast shapes depending on the cup shape.

  • ThirdLove Bra Style Guide Wireless Bras Wireless

    A wireless bra refers to a bra with no underwire. Wireless bras have a supportive contoured cup that give you a perfectly smooth shape under any top.

    Works well for all breast shapes under E (DD) cup.

  • ThirdLove Bra Style Guide Strapless Bras Strapless

    A strapless bra is a must-have in your lingerie drawer. Most strapless bras have foam cups and multi-way straps that can be worn a bunch of different ways. It's very important to make sure that the band is tight enough so that you feel secure, otherwise you might find yourself tugging to keep it in place throughout the day.

    Style Tip: We suggest owning a strapless bra in black, nude, and ivory. That way no matter what outfit you choose you’ll be covered with the right colored bra.

  • ThirdLove Bra Style Guide Front Closure Bras Front Closure

    Front Closure Bras open in the front with a clasp rather than in the back with hooks. These bras are super easy to put on and take off, even if you have limited flexibility.

    Style Tip: Since the front close is narrow, these bras are low-cut and perfect for plunging necklines.

    Works best for Side Set, Round, and Teardrop breasts.

  • ThirdLove Bra Style Guide Bralette Bras Balconette

    A balconette has a slightly shorter cup and wider set straps.

    Works well for all breast shapes.

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