What Your Matching Underwear Says About You

Different colored ThirdLove underwear lying flat on an orange background.

There is no wrong or right way here, but how you roll underwear-wise says something about your personality.

Maybe you’re one of those women who just has to match her bra and underwear: beige with beige, black with black, lace with lace. Or perhaps you let your underwear drawer surprise you, diving right in to see what quirky pairings fate offers up.

Different colored ThirdLove bras match with different underwear.

Color Palette

While matching underwear sets offer a glimpse into personality, your undergarment choices reveal even more when you consider color palettes. While still being subtle, the color you gravitate towards in your underwear can be a powerful form of self-expression. Whether you lean towards matching sets in traditional classic neutrals or vibrant hues, your color palette speaks volumes.

Those who gravitate towards matching sets in traditional colors like black, white, or a nude tone may indicate a preference for simplicity and elegance. These individuals often value timeless style and practicality, opting for versatile options that will seamlessly blend into their wardrobe.

On the other hand, if you are drawn to bold and colorful sets, you likely exude a zest for life, a certain confidence, and a desire to stand out. Someone who has an adventurous spirit and who enjoys expressing individuality.

If you prefer pastel colors (pink, lavender, light blue), this may suggest a more playful personality. You might prioritize comfort and feeling cute with a touch of femininity.

Fabric Preferences

The type of fabric you prefer for your underwear can also reveal insights into your personality and lifestyle. From the romantic to the practical, your fabric choice reveals more than meets the eye. 

Women who opt for delicate fine fabric like silk and lace are often romantic at heart. There’s an inherent femininity and sensuality to those textiles that appeal to their soft, dreamy side. The fabrics suggest a penchant for indulgence and luxury. These individuals prioritize comfort and elegance, opting for lingerie that feels as good as it looks.

In contrast, those who gravitate towards sturdier, more functional fabrics like cotton and microfiber may have a more practical, no-nonsense approach. They aren’t as concerned with a luxurious feel. It's about what works best for their lifestyle. They value comfort and durability above all else.

Matching Sets vs Mix-and-Match

The age-old debate of matching sets versus mix-and-match continues to spark discussion among fashion enthusiasts. Here's how your approach can be interpreted. 

The matching underwear's meaning extends beyond mere coordination; it signifies attention to detail and a sense of being polished. Matching sets are a natural choice for women who like symmetry and coordination. You might appreciate a sense of order and enjoy feeling structured even in your undergarments.

Mix-and-matchers, on the other hand, tend to be more laid-back, flexible, and creative in style. You might prioritize comfort and finding pieces that work together even if they aren’t a perfect set. 

Of course, there’s a middle ground, too. Some women will coordinate the color palette of their undergarments even if the specific pieces don’t exactly match. This suggests a desire for a cohesive look but with more personal flair.

Match Like a Boss

“For some women, not wearing a matching underwear set ruins their day—even though no one can see it,” says fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen, founder of the Fashion Psychology Institute and a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. “That indicates a somewhat controlled, particular, and perfectionist personality.”

“Women who feel strongly about matching are likely to be bosses or leaders,” she adds.

“Matching your sets, especially if they’re colorful, says you are confident and stylish,” according to stylist Jenny Altman. “Women tell me that they don’t do it for the men or partners in their lives, but rather for their own feeling of fabulousness and because it makes them feel great.”

All Day Lace Uplift Plunge Bra


Non-Matchers are More Creative

The non-matchers, according to Karen, tend to be creative types. “It’s not a negative,” she says, “but they’re usually more likely to have a go-with-the-flow personality. They don’t need a lot of order; they actually find structure in not having structure. If a room is too neat, they feel a loss of control. They enjoy being part of a group rather than in charge.” Non-matchers can fall into the “I don’t care” camp, says Altman, or it could be that they do care about how things feel (how they look: not so much).

“‘These people wear their most comfortable bra and panty, separately—whether or not they match or are part of a set,” she says. “This choice is about function and practicality rather than style.”

“One trend that has changed in recent years is how we match,” Altman says. “It used to be that sets were the exact same color, style, and fabric, etc. Now a set can be a bra and panty that just ‘go’ together—more like clothing. It can be a plum-colored bra and a printed panty with some plum in it. Sets can be fun and very personalized.”

How to Match Your Undies

Finding matching underwear for women can elevate both comfort and confidence levels. Ultimately, the right way to match your undies comes down to how you like them. There’s no one ‘correct’ approach; the key is finding what makes you feel confident and comfortable. For some, that might mean meticulously planning out coordinated sets. For others, it’s about embracing a more carefree, spontaneous vibe. And for many, it’s a combination of the two.

Our advice? Start by taking stock of your current underwear collection. Notice what colors, fabrics, and styles you are naturally drawn to. That will give you clues about your aesthetic and what makes you feel your best. After that, you can now begin to thoughtfully build your underwear wardrobe, mixing and matching pieces as you desire. Don’t shy away from experimenting. 

Ultimately, the message your matching (or mismatched) underwear sends is: “This is who I am” and there’s not a more powerful statement.


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