What Size is Considered a Plus Size Bra?

What Size is Considered a Plus Size Bra?

Bra sizing might seem pretty straightforward at a glance, especially for smaller-breasted women. However, it often isn’t the case for women with larger breasts as manufacturers from America, Europe, and the UK use different alphabetical sizing for larger cups. Throw in terms such as “plus-size” and “full-size” into the mix to find yourself befuddled when looking for the perfect comfortable and supportive bra. Let’s settle the mystery once and for all and precisely define what sizes fall under the plus-size bra category and how to find plus size bras.


What Makes a Bra “Plus Size”?

Bras with a Cup Size larger than DD and a Band Size greater than 40 are considered plus-size. You should also remember that the term “plus-size” generally has more to do with clothing than bras. Additionally, if you usually wear plus-size clothing, a plus-size bra is likelier to fit you perfectly.


What Cup Sizes are Considered Plus Size

As mentioned above, a Cup Size DD and larger and a Band Size of 40 or greater is categorized as a plus-size bra. Therefore, if your cup size is DD, DDD, E, F, G, H, I, or K, with the required Band Size, you need to shop for plus-size bras. Regarding plus size vs full size bras, full size refers to any woman with a Cup Size DD or larger, irrespective of their Band Size. 

How to Measure Bigger Breasts

Wearing bras with excellent support is vital for your health, confidence, and comfort. Finding perfect everyday plus size bras starts with correctly measuring and working out your band, bust, and cup sizes.


Measure for Band Size

Hold a measuring tape around your rib cage, tight enough for it not to fall and loose enough for two fingers to comfortably slide beneath. Take the reading and add two inches if the nearest whole number is even, or add three inches if it’s an odd number. The sum should be your ideal band size, including stretching of the bra’s elastic band.


Measure the Bust

Hold the measuring tape across the fullest cross-section of your breasts, located near the nipple for most women. Remember to hold the tape measure loose enough as you did in the previous step. This should indicate your bust size.


Subtract the Band Size from Your Bust Size

Now that you have your band size and bust size, you'll want to subtract your band size from your bust size to find your correct cup size. Note down the difference in inches.


Use Our Bra Size Chart

Now, refer to ThirdLove’s Bra Size Chart to find your cup size. For instance, if the difference is zero, your Cup Size is AA. If it’s one inch, your Cup Size is A. If the difference is two inches, your Cup Size is B, and a difference of three inches matches a Cup Size of C, and so on. For every increment of one inch, the Cup Size increases by one size.


How to Find the Perfect Plus Size Bra for You

Every woman is unique in her own right, and so are their breasts. ThirdLove’s Bra Size Chart helps you track your Cup Size to half-cup sizes, enabling you to find perfect fits. You can also take ThirdLove’s Fitting Room Quiz or chat online with a Fit Stylist to find the perfectly fitting plus-size bra within minutes.


Sizing is Important for a Comfortable Fit

Comfort is generally an excellent indicator of wearing an ideal bra, be it strapless plus size bras or plus size sports bras. Therefore, follow the tips above to find the best plus-size bras and confidently and comfortably go about your day.

The fact that women with large breasts often find themselves confused with bra sizing and terms like “plus-size bras” is yesterday’s news, with lingerie manufacturers using different systems to describe bra sizes. Such confusion often results in large-breasted women settling for poorly-fitting bras that don’t adequately support their ample bosoms.

We understand the importance of wearing perfectly fitting bras, developing a simplified process and expert assistance. Therefore, you can shop at ThirdLove confidently, choosing from a large variety of bras, from everyday casual to front closure plus size bras, to ensure your comfort and well-being.