Introducing ThirdLove Swim! Finally Comfortable Swimwear For Every Bra Size (Even ½ Cup Sizes)

Introducing ThirdLove Swim! Finally Comfortable Swimwear For Every Bra Size (Even ½ Cup Sizes)

The Bra Experts are here to make a splash. Swimwear for every bra size is officially here and ready to keep you comfy and supported in and out of the water.


Importance of Inclusivity & Sizing in Swimwear 

At ThirdLove, inclusive sizing is our bread and butter. When we decided to dive into swimwear (pun intended), we wanted to address the main issues we had with swimsuits currently on the market. 

When it came to swimwear, it felt like you always had to choose between a bikini that looked great or felt comfortable. We saw that body type heavily impacted swimwear options, and we were sick of it. Let’s face it, bikini season doesn’t always feel liberating, so that’s why we set out to make inclusive swimwear that looks beautiful on everyone. 

Everyone’s body is a bikini body in our eyes.


ThirdLove Swimwear for Every Breast Size 

The key to a great bikini is the fit, and with that in mind, we asked ourselves – “What fits better than your favorite everyday bra?” 

When developing swim, we took our love for the 24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra and turned it into your new favorite bikini top. Plus, it pairs perfectly with our bum-approved bikini bottoms for the most flattering beach ‘fit.


Underwired Demi Swim Top

Bra-sized swim is not the norm – especially in half cups – but we’re ready to say so-long to lettered sizing (XS-XL). Especially when it comes to swimwear for big boobs, finding a bikini top that fits and flatters every curve makes all the difference. 

Our limited-edition Underwired Demi Swim Top is the only bra-sized swim top made in half-cup sizes and features the same fit, coverage & support as an everyday bra.

More details:

  • Built-in foam cups for shape & nipple coverage
  • Poke-free, flexible underwire 
  • Sleek, bonded (anti-chafe) adjustable back closure 
  • Breathable UPF 50+ fabric
  • Converts to x-back for style or slip-proof support


Swim Bottoms 

It’s no surprise that the Bra Experts did justice to the bikini top, but don’t start thinking you can sleep on our bikini bottoms. We designed two styles based on coverage preference, without skipping out on comfort and style - a classic bikini style bottom and a high rise swim bottom.

These are the perfect bottoms to pair with your Demi Bikini Top. Whether you’re looking for the classic cut or a little more tush and tummy coverage, our stay-put design goes everywhere your undies can’t – like the hot tub, the pool, and the ocean.

More details: 
  • Smooth, breathable UPF 50+ fabric 
  • Shape-enhancing, no-dig waistband 
  • Fully lined 


What to Look for When Shopping for Swimwear

We know, shopping for swimwear sucks. Not only do we give you the option to go bikini shopping in the comfort of your home, but our bikini has a 100% fit guarantee – just like the bras you know and love. 

Whether you find yourself shopping for a bikini on our site or someplace else, here are the things that can make finding the best swimwear for every breast type a whole lot easier. 



When at the beach or pool, one of the main bikini must-haves is comfort. Bottoms creeping up? No thanks. Accidental nip slips? We’d prefer not to have them. 

Your bikini should stay put and move with you. While perusing your bikini options, you may want to consider styles with built-in cups, bonded back closures, and no-dig waistbands. These features will help your bikini to support, flatter, and cover the bits – taking away any anxiety that may come from a day by the water. 


Style & Versatility 

We all want to be up-to-date on the latest trends and styles – especially when it comes to swimwear. However, there’s no need to buy a ton of swimsuits for one season when you can opt for a timeless style. 

Of course, having multiple swimsuits has its perks, but we’ve noticed that certain features are loved across brands and styles. When wearing a bikini, we want to feel comfortable and beautiful, and with styles that have sleek and bonded closures and bands, you can be confident your bikini stays put. 

Many enjoy having a little extra support as well, so bikini tops that have flexible underwire is also a great style option. This also allows the top to have a little more versatility and can look like your everyday bra under a variety of tops and dresses.  

With all that said, bikini style is solely based on your personal preferences, and the only thing that matters is that you feel confident! 



No one wants to go through the process of buying a bikini just for it to disintegrate in the hot tub. While the price tags are more appealing on the bikinis of big department stores, purchasing a higher-quality bikini can lead to fewer trips to the fitting room and a much happier bikini body. 

Consider investing in a high-quality bikini, especially if it has you feeling comfortable, supported, and confident. 


In conclusion, bikini shopping isn’t the most fun thing on the planet, but knowing what makes a bikini a great bikini is a good starting place. Though finding inclusive swimwear has been notoriously difficult, here at ThirdLove we hope to make it the norm. 

If you’re uncertain of the size or style that will compliment your bikini body, feel free to take our Fitting Room Quiz or chat with one of our Fit Stylists.