Introducing ThirdLove’s Take Back Bag Program

Introducing ThirdLove’s Take Back Bag Program

Introducing ThirdLove’s Take Back Bag (TBB) Program

We’ve all been there: Finally taking the initiative to get organized and get rid of things we no longer want or wear, only to realize we have no idea what to do with our old bras and undies. After all, you paid good money for those underthings—you don’t want to just throw them in the trash. Plus, sustainability and taking care of the planet is important to you.

We totally get it. And we’re here to help with our new recycling program, designed to answer the age-old question: What to do with old bras and underwear?


An Overview of ThirdLove’s Take Back Bag Program

Keeping bras out of landfills is the ultimate goal, and our new recycling program does exactly that. The Take Back Bag program offers a sustainable way to get rid of unwanted bras and undies. The process is simple: Just order a Take Back Bag, fill it up with old bras and underwear, and send it back. And, voila, not only have you kept the items out of landfills, but you earned a $30 credit (per bag) to use on your next purchase at (and in stores).


How Does it Work?

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to using the Take Back Bag program.

Step 1
Buy the Take Bag Bag online or in-store.

Step 2
Fill the bag with old bras and underwear in any condition. (It holds up to 15 pounds and is 24” x 24”.)

Step 3
Scan the QR code on the bag to create a shipping label and drop off at any USPS location.

Step 4
Earn a $30 credit towards your next ThirdLove purchase.

Step 5
Go shopping.


Benefits of Using the Take Back Bag Program

There are so many rewards for recycling your undergarments. Each Take Back Bag saves 1596 gallons of water, 151 pounds of C02 emissions, and 15 pounds of fashion waste from landfills. So far, For Days, the company that runs the program, has saved 3 million pounds of clothing from landfill, 24 million pounds of C02, and 3.2 million gallons of water.

Additionally, 90 percent of all items sent back as part of the program are granted a second life: 74 percent are reused, 15 to 22 percent, which don’t qualify for reuse, go back to fiber recycling and 5 to 10 percent is true trash sent to a responsibly managed landfill.


Order your Take Bag Bag today and then treat yourself to new bras and underwear using your $30 credit.