The Anatomy of the Perfect Fit

The Anatomy of the Perfect Fit

As bra designers, we know we’re doing our job if you never think about your bra.

Who wants to think about their bra all day? If you find yourself adjusting throughout the day, you’re probably experiencing some fit issues: straps digging in, slipping straps, cup overflow and cup gaping are the most common we’ve encountered. Or, you could be wearing the wrong bra size altogether.

Because there are so many things that can go wrong with your bra, we set out to make the right one by focusing on three things: style, fit and feel. We believe the best bra is one you never think about, and that you shouldn’t have to deal with those extra distractions throughout your busy day. In fact, we’ve spent four years putting in extra hours to ensure we’re designing each of our bras with thoughtful little details that truly make a difference in how your bra feels.

Here are just a few of the reasons why our bras are obsessively comfortable:

1. The strap.

“I received the Classic T-Shirt bra, and it fits perfect. Very comfortable—no more slipping straps!” — Jodie S., ThirdLove Customer

Contrary to popular belief, your bra straps should not be doing the heavy lifting—your bra band should be doing most of the work. Your straps serve the purpose of providing structure and comfort, so we designed our T-shirt Bra with accordion straps made of a rayon, nylon, and spandex blend that give you extra support without cutting into your shoulder. If you need a Perfect Coverage option, the straps on our Perfect Coverage Bra are lined with memory foam, which means no strap dig in and no slipping straps.

2. The cup.

“The cups are the best part of the bra. They make my breasts look great.” — Christina, ThirdLove Customer

You could argue that the cups are the most important part of your bra: they keep everything in place, support you and provide extra comfort. The Cut even described our bra cups as “pillowy clouds”, because we’ve developed a proprietary blend of lightweight memory foam to give the bra the feeling of a second skin. Yes—memory foam. We put the material you find in the most comfortable mattresses in your bra, and it seamlessly hugs your curves to flatter your natural shape.

3. The underwire.

In certain bra styles and for particular bra sizes, underwire is key. It provides some definition, supports your breasts and allows them to sit in the cups where they should. Our underwire is a bit different than most, in that we sew flat tubing into the bra’s frame. It costs twice as much, but it keeps the bra’s underwire from poking out and scraping your skin.

“Most people think of bras as a sexual object. It’s actually a highly technical garment.” — Inc. Magazine

4. The tag.

Part of reimagining an industry means doing things differently, and we really didn’t like how bra tags felt. Tags are itchy and they get in the way—“what if”, we thought, “we printed all of that information on the fabric itself?” So, we printed all information (size, style, and brand) on the padded clasp in the back of your bra instead.

5. The hook.

Hooks are another main feature of most bras that always bothered us. They’re typically made of a thin layer of felt, and if you lay on your back or lean up against anything, you can feel the metal hooks up against your back. To get rid of this issue, we made our hook and eye with ultra-comfortable microfiber fabric, and we lined it with memory foam so you have a little added cushion.

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