Pregnant Workers’ Rights are Changing – for the Better

Pregnant Workers’ Rights are Changing – for the Better

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act goes into effect June 27, 2023.

While the prospect of having a child is exciting for many, it is all too common that pregnant workers feel the pressure to return to work as quickly as possible for the sake of keeping their position. 

Luckily, a new law goes into effect late June 2023. The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act establishes groundbreaking protections for pregnant, postpartum, and pumping workers. Not only will this law give workers the right to work accommodations, it will also allow for things like extra breaks, flexible scheduling, and time off for various forms of recovery. 

Having personally advocated for it, our founder Heidi Zak is excited to see the act come into fruition.

“As a mother and CEO, I firmly believe that no one should have to choose between their job and their health or the health of their family,” Heidi said. “Every person deserves a safe and supportive work environment, especially during the precious time of pregnancy.”


“By guaranteeing these reasonable accommodations, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate society for all.”


This law is a huge deal, but many people who can benefit from it know little about it. One of the most important things about this act is that word spreads and pregnant people are aware of their rights. 

“Helping to share this news empowers women to get the support they need at work, keep their jobs while pregnant, and protect their health and the health of their pregnancy,” A Better Balance, a non-profit advocacy group, states.

Learn more about this act by visiting A Better Balance’s website.

Workers interested in learning more about their rights or seeking help can call A Better Balance’s free, confidential legal helpline at 1-833-NEED-ABB (1-833-633-3222) or visit our Get Help webpage.