Round Breast Shape: How To Find The Best Bras For Round Breasts

Round Breast Shape: How To Find The Best Bras For Round Breasts

If you have round-shaped breasts, consider yourself lucky. They are an object of admiration by many, considered the ideal shape. However, finding the best bras for round breasts can be tricky. Not all are designed to appreciate and get the best out of this shape. In this article, you’ll learn how to measure your breast shape, fit and flatter your round girls, and pick a bra style designed to flaunt your natural curves.

What is a Round Shape Breast?

What truly defines the round breast shape? It’s all about the symmetry - full at the top and the bottom, creating a perfectly circular silhouette. Round-shaped breasts boast a consistent fullness across the top, sides, and bottom, and they have a small point at the nipple that adds some definition and perkiness to your bust.

Let’s get one thing straight (or should I say round?): no two round breasts are precisely the same; every bosom boasts a unique personality and distinctive curvature. They come in various sizes, too, from small to large.

How to Measure Your Breast Shape

Before you go shopping for bras, it’s essential to know your breast shape. With your shirt and bra removed, grab a mirror and gander at yourself. Are the upper and lower curves of your boobs harmoniously in sync? Do your nipples point directly forward? If you can trace a smooth line around your breast with no significant plunges and your breasts are evenly rounded, you are looking at full round breasts. 

How Should Bras for Round Breast Shapes Fit?

Since rounded boobs don’t have much sag, little support is required from the bra to achieve a perfect fit and look; however, picking the wrong bra for round breasts could lead to discomfort and an unflattering silhouette even though you have a unique round-shaped splendor. Padded bras might not be necessary as round boobs won’t need extra lift from pads. That said, most bra styles work well for people with this breast shape, but you can explore wireless bras to enjoy that freedom for those days when you only want light support and balconette styles for an ultra-flattering silhouette when you want to celebrate the contours of your body. Explore our bra style guide to see more silhouettes that could work for you!

What Types of Bras Work Best With Round Breast Shapes?

Now, having established the picturesque charm of round breasts, it’s time to match them up with the bras they deserve, and there’s nowhere else better to get the best bras for round breasts than at ThirdLove. We believe that each breast deserves a custom embrace, so we have curated a bra selection that will lift, cradle, and accentuate your round-shaped beauty.


Form 360 Fit™ Wireless Bra

The Form 360 Fit™ Wireless Bra is a round-breast’s bestie. You get all the support and lift you need without a wire. After all, who needs wires poking when you can be liberated? The bra is made with precise sizing to ensure a superior fit, and you never have to worry about uniboobing. The bra also features built-in foam cups; combine that with round breasts, and you get the kind of cleavage from a Hollywood classic. It is your perfect everyday wear.


All Day Lace T-Shirt Bra

The All Day Lace T-Shirt bra is an authentic charm in the lingerie world. Its design is like a matchmaker for your round breasts, and you get a gentle lift mixed with a dash of allure adorned with the finest lace. Its demi cups give a subtle lift that supports your curves, and the sweet scalloped neckline helps to show them off. And don’t think it’s all form with no function. The bra features memory form cups, a scratch-free band, and no-slip straps to complete the beautiful look.

For even more bras that will accentuate your natural curves, explore our collection of bras for round breasts.