Ask A Fit Specialist: How Do I Pick A Bra Style?

Ask A Fit Specialist: How Do I Pick A Bra Style?

Our team of Fit Specialists is here to help you find bras that feel like they were made for you. We’ve worked with thousands of women to find their perfect fit, so we’re sharing some of our best advice here.

Whether you’re choosing a bra style, a nail color, or what to have for dinner, decision-making of any kind is made easier when you have a full menu of options in front of you.

While our Fit Finder® quiz offers expert advice on the bra size and style that works best for you, we’ve also pulled together our bra styles here, so you can browse the style options for yourself. We’ve noted the best options for certain breast shapes and support or style needs, too.

Take a look, and let style be your guide:


Like a favorite pair of jeans, a T-Shirt Bra essentially does it all. It’s designed to be seamless and smoothing under the thinnest fabrics and comfortable enough for all day, every day wear. No extra padding means you’ll get a natural look but without your nipples showing through your shirt.

Breast shape: All shapes!

Best for: Your go-to everyday bra, up to size 40G.


Extra padding at the bottom of the cup is a Push-Up Bra’s claim to fame. You’ll get some extra cleavage and the appearance of a slightly larger cup.

Breast shape: Most shapes, but especially Relaxed, Bell Shaped and Teardrop.

Best for: Increasing lift, enhancing cleavage.

Perfect Coverage

For a bra that offers more support and extends a little further, a Perfect Coverage Bra is your go-to. Details like lightly padded straps and double layer elastic on the back are designed to enhance comfort and create a perfectly smooth silhouette.

Breast shape: Most shapes, but especially East West, Asymmetric, Side Set, and Bell Shaped.

Best for: A supportive everyday bra for B cup sizes and above.


Everything you love about your current favorite bra, minus the underwire. Wireless Bras are generally more flexible, while still being supportive for larger breasts.

Breast shape: Most shapes, especially Athletic, Teardrop, and Slender, up to cup size F.

Best for: A smooth silhouette with softer support.


The true test of a bra takes place when the straps come off. Our half-cup sizes can be a game-changer here since a perfect fit is all the more important in a Strapless Bra. Details like silicone edging eliminate slipping for effortless support.

Breast shape: All shapes!

Best for: Off-the-shoulder, sleeveless, or strappy tops. The included straps enhance its versatility.

Front Closure

Securing in the front rather than in the back, these bras often come in racerback styles. Cut low to accommodate the narrow front closure, this bra is a natural fit for a daring neckline.

Breast shape: All shapes, but especially Side Set, Round and Teardrop.

Best for: Low necklines; easy on/easy off wear; anyone with limited flexibility.


A super romantic look, the cups on a Balconette Bra don’t come up as high on your breasts, and the straps are wide-set, enhancing your decolletage.

Breast shape: All shapes!

Best for: Low-cut or boat neck tops; an alluring look that doesn’t compromise comfort.


Cut with a deep V, Plunge Bras have cups that are higher on the sides but lower towards the center of your chest.

Breast shape: All shapes! (Hint: if you typically have an issue with cup gaping, the extra layer on a Plunge Bra will help.)

Best for: V-neck tops; getting support while still wearing a lower-cut style.


Designed for nursing mothers, Nursing Bras are made with extra soft material and have cups that open from the top. The front closure allows for easy dressing with no fumbling.

Breast shape: All shapes!

Best for: Women who are currently breastfeeding and/or pumping.

If you still have questions, drop us a line. Our Fit Specialists are here to help with one of our favorite topics!