The Best Wireless Bras for Large Breasts That Actually Provide Support & Comfort

The Best Wireless Bras for Large Breasts That Actually Provide Support & Comfort

Long gone are the days when you had to tolerate the rigid construction of a wired bra digging into your skin and ribs. Now you can go totally wire-free with the same level of support! Wireless bras with support are ultra comfy, featuring seamless designs and breathable fabrics for the most enjoyable wearing experience. And the best part? There is a huge variety of styles and fabrications to suit your every mood. From thin barely-there bralettes to full-coverage bras with no underwire, there’s a style for every occasion be it a casual day at work or a special night out.


Do Wireless Bras Give Support?

Yes! Some wireless bras are as supportive as they are comfortable, even for women with large breasts. The main trick is to find a bra style that suits your bust shape, then choose the perfect fit. Once you have done that - you won’t even notice you’re wearing a bra, it’s that comfy! The best wireless bras offer a beautiful lift that highlights your natural shape while staying ultra comfortable.


Is It Better To Wear A Wireless Bra?

Apart from being super cozy and comfortable, it turns out that wireless bras are also beneficial for your breast health and overall well-being. Wire-free lingerie doesn’t have the restrictive metal lining (we’re looking at you, wired bras) that often blocks the flow of lymph fluid, making it hard for the whole body to get rid of toxins. Wearing wired bras all the time can be tiring for the body. Wireless bras create no such restrictions and promote better blood flow as well. And don’t get us started about comfort and mental health! Remember that feeling of coming back home after work and taking off that tight outfit and a restrictive bra? It’s like a breath of fresh air! But why torture yourself when you can simply wear a wire-free bra and feel comfortable the whole day? It’s that easy.


When To Wear A Wireless Bra

Wireless bras are great for any occasion, be it a day at work or a workout session at the gym. You’d be amazed at how many wireless styles there are these days. At ThirdLove, we have an extensive collection of wireless bras for large busts that give extra support, no matter the style you pick. Cotton bralettes are light, breathable, and can become a fashion statement when they peek through your crochet sweater, while a classic wireless bra design will give you extra support with no effort at all. There are also wireless sports bra designs for those days when you want to sweat it out at the gym.


How To Fit A Wireless Bra

While traditional bras come in cup-band sizing, wireless bras typically come in alpha sizes such as XS-XL and more. This makes it much easier to approximate your size as there aren’t as many options. Your wireless bra should fit snug around your body, but not too tight or restrictive. When you move around, your bra should hold your breasts in place. Take a look at our sizing guides on our products, and if you're still unsure what size to choose, use our Fitting Room Quiz to get advice on the styles and sizes that suit you best.


Best Wireless Bras For Large Busts

When choosing the best wireless bras that are supportive for fuller chests, look for styles with extensive sizing that offer different size options for those with larger cups. When shopping for wireless bras, you might find that you have to settle for a size that is too loose around your ribcage, or too tight around your bust. But not with ThirdLove - we’ve kept this in mind when designing our most popular wireless bra, the Form 360 Fit™ Wireless Bra. It comes in 3 times more sizes than any other wireless bra to accommodate for different cup sizes. So even if you have a small band and a large cup, you don’t need to settle for subpar support.



1. Low to Medium Support Wireless Bra

If it’s comfort and style you’re looking for, then bralettes are your best bet. They are cozy beyond words and can be used to style cute looks. Or, you could simply lounge in them! We offer a wide range of bralettes in both nudes and fun colors so you can choose depending on your mood.


2. Medium to High Support Wireless Bra

To those of you who’re looking for the best wireless bra for lift and side support, we present ThirdLove’s Form 360 Fit™ Wireless Bra. Designed with Precise Sizing™, this bra offers you three times more sizes for the perfect fit. So even if you have a small band and full cups, no need to fret as this wireless bra will provide you with optimal support! We offer the same support of this fan favorite bra in a lace version as well. Our All Day Lace Wireless Bra is perfect for those days you're looking for something a bit more romantic. If you’re more into sports attire, try our Kinetic Adjustable Sports Bra. Many people wear this sports bras as an everyday bra thanks to its high impact support. It’ll keep the ladies in place not only during your day to day activities but also through jogging, HIIT classes, and more. This bra design comes with adjustable straps and built-in cups for extra comfort as well as hook-and-eye back closure so you’re not struggling to take it off at the end of the day.


Kinetic Adjustable Sports Bra


Kinetic Adjustable Sports Bra



Go Wire-Free

When it comes to wireless bras, all opinions differ. Some people believe they don’t offer enough support, while others wear them every day and are beyond happy. At ThirdLove, we did our best to create wireless bras that provide support for all cups and sizes, keeping both comfort and style in mind. Shop at our wireless bra section and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of shapes, styles, and sizes we offer. If you’ve been dreaming of going wire-free, this is the best time to do it!