10 Best Bras for Summer 2023: Bras With The Best Fit For Every Summer Occasion

10 Best Bras for Summer 2023: Bras With The Best Fit For Every Summer Occasion
Summer is finally here, and that means it’s time to update your bra rotation. Learn which types of bras are best for the summertime and why — and discover how ThirdLove’s bra collection can help you find the perfect fit.

Most Comfortable Bras To Wear in the Summer

These are some of the best summer bra types to add to your top drawer. 


T-Shirt Bras

Summertime is a great time to sport your favorite tees. A t-shirt bra is specifically designed to be worn with t-shirts and other body skimming clothing. This type of bra features seamless, molded cups that stay hidden beneath your clothes — no more worrying about visible bra lines!

When To Wear It: While t-shirt bras are designed to stay seamless beneath t-shirts, they’re a great option to wear with almost anything. Many women enjoy wearing them with sheer blouses; if you go this route, opt for a nude tone for an invisible finish. All in all, T-shirt bras are the ultimate option for casual and everyday wear.  


Wireless Bras

Wireless bras are an ideal choice for summer as they tend to be more comfortable and flexible than wired bras. They offer less support than traditional wired bras but still provide enough support for most day-to-day activities. They do this through the cut of fabric used and the reinforcement from the stitching. Wireless bras also tend to enhance the natural shape of your breasts rather than shaping them. 

When To Wear It: You can wear a wireless bra anytime. That said, their design makes them perfect for sleeping, nursing, or post-mastectomy wear. 


Unlined Bras

This type of bra features no padding and the cups are made with a single or double layer of fabric. Unlined bras enhance your natural breast shape and tend to be more lightweight, comfortable, and breathable than other bra types. 

When To Wear It: Unlined bras are some of the best summer bras thanks to their lightweight and breathable design. You can wear them anytime, whether you’re going on a date, heading to work, or spending some much-needed time around the house.



Bralettes provide lightweight support with a barely-there feeling. This is a great summer bra with some key defining characteristics: 

  • Unwired 
  • Triangular cup design
  • Minimal breast support
  • Available in basic sizes (e.g., XS–XL)

Like unlined bras, bralettes are designed to enhance the natural shape of your breasts. They’re perfect for summertime use, and there are many different ways to wear them. You can even wear a bralette by itself as a top! 

When To Wear It: Bralettes are the perfect type of bra to wear all summer long. They’re a popular sight at summer festivals, but feel free to wear them in any casual environment. 


Strapless Bras

A strapless bra is a bra that supports your breasts without the use of straps. Instead of straps, these bras are designed with a firm-fitting band and no-slip grips on the sides to keep you lifted comfortably. 

When To Wear It: This type of bra is ideal for wearing with strapless tops or dresses. In particular, strapless bras are some of the best bras for sundresses. You can wear a strapless bra by itself, beneath a loose top, or under your favorite jacket. 

Sports Bra

Sports bras are specially designed to be worn during physical activity. They offer ample support for the breasts and keep them in place to avoid damage to the breast tissue. With summer comes the opportunity for many outdoor physical activities, so make sure to add a sports bra to your top drawer!

When To Wear It: While sports bras are the standard for women who regularly exercise, they become especially useful in the summer. Consider wearing one as a top while running or hiking, or style one beneath your favorite tank top or jacket. 

Minimizer Bras

Summer is the season for tank tops and body-skimming dresses. But for many bustier women, this also means some unwanted spillage or cleavage. Minimizer bras are designed with full-coverage cups and make use of compression to make your breasts appear smaller. 

When To Wear It: Wear a minimizer bra anytime you want to make your breasts appear smaller, smoother, or more balanced. You can wear them anytime and with just about anything. 

Full-coverage Bras

Full-coverage bras have cups that cover the entirety of your breasts. They ensure there’s no spillage, and they offer fantastic support. This type of bra is perfect for any time of year, but they’re often overlooked during the summer months. 

When To Wear It: It’s best to wear full-coverage bras with everyday wear or more formal clothing. This bra type is good for a day at work, a weekend at home, a lunch date with friends, or anything in-between.

Lace Bras

Nothing says you’re ready for summer like a new lace bra in your lingerie drawer. Lace bras come in various styles and designs, and they tend to be made with breathable bra fabrics for a breezy feel. 

When To Wear It: You can wear a lace bra anytime, but it’s a summer staple for a reason. Consider letting the lace elements of your bra show beneath a loose tank top for a casual and stylish outing, or even wear it by itself on a hot day. 

Plunge Bras

When summer rolls around, it’s time to bring out our tanks, shirts, and dresses with low-cut necklines. Plunge bras feature plunging necklines specifically designed to wear with these types of clothing and show extra cleavage.

When To Wear It: Plunge bras are perfect for summer because they stay hidden when worn with low-neckline outfits. We recommend them for various types of events, including dates and outings with friends. 

What is the best bra to wear in hot weather? 

Any of the bra types we mentioned are great for summer. However, in especially hot weather, we recommend opting for bras with lighter, breezier designs. Our favorites for the summer include unlined bras, strapless bras, and bralettes.

These styles tend to be more breathable and comfortable than others, especially in warm weather, and provide a perfect base for your outfits. We love cotton bras during the warmer months as well as they are really breathable and soft against your skin.

Measuring Your Bra Size For the Perfect Fit 

The most important bra-buying tip for summer is to get your correct bra measurement. Not everyone has a soft tape measure at home, and it can often be difficult to measure yourself, so we recommend that you take our online Fitting Room Quiz to find your perfect bra size and style. If you want some more help, you can also feel free to chat with our fit stylists online or get measured by our professionals in stores as well! If you would like to take a stab at measuring out your own size, you can follow our step-by-step guide to measuring your bra size at home.