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Why a Plunge Bra will be the Most Flattering Bra in Your Wardrobe

While t-shirt bras tend to be most women’s go-to, bras with plunge cups are actually just as flattering (if not more!) and look great on a wider range of body types and breast shapes. For some women, a plunge cup will actually fit better than a demi cup or full coverage.

Here are three reasons you should try a plunge cup if you haven’t already:

1. The shorter wires eliminate poking.

If your chief bra complaint is typically that wires poke your chest or sit on your breasts, then a plunge style is definitely for you. Instead of a wire that goes all the way from your side to the center of your chest, the wire in a plunge cup is shorter, resulting in less poking and prodding. Women who have found other underwire bras uncomfortable due to the ever-present feeling of wires will find much welcomed relief in a plunge style.

2. Angled cups = more coverage.

A common bra misconception is that women with larger cup sizes can’t wear plunge cups because they’ll spill out of them. I can understand this — the cut initially looks like less coverage, and the word “plunge” might be enough to turn some away. If you’re one of these women, hear me out. The angled cups and deeper-v in a plunge style bra will actually give you more cup coverage at the top, especially with the mesh overlay. In fact, if you’re larger breasted and worry about cup overflow, this bra provides the “safety-mesh” you’re looking for. Think of it as a way to show a little skin without sacrificing comfort or coverage. Win, win!

3. Your cups won’t gape in a plunge cup!

If you’ve ever paired your favorite bra with a tight t-shirt or tank top only to find that you can see your cup’s edges, a plunge style will fix your bra woes. The thin mesh overlay, low-cut cups and supportive straps in a plunge style bra give you a super-flattering cut — without all of the bra lines. And, since most women’s breasts are less full at the top, plunge cups only have fabric where it counts.

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