Relaxed Breast Shape: What To Know & Best Bras for Relaxed Breasts

Relaxed Breast Shape: What To Know & Best Bras for Relaxed Breasts

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, with everybody being unique, and there’s no right or wrong way to have them. However, your breast shape is key in finding the best bra for comfort, support and style. If you have a relaxed breast shape, this article has you covered. We’ll delve into what relaxed breasts are, how to accurately determine your breast shape and explore the best bras for relaxed breast shapes.


What are relaxed breasts?

Relaxed breasts have lax tissue and nipples that point downwards. This shape has less elasticity in the skin and ligaments that support them, causing them to be lax or droop. Relaxed breasts are characterized by having a naturally lower position on the chest. They also have nipples that point downwards and longer breasts that tend to hang, a sign that gravity has bestowed its gentle touch, creating an overall relaxed silhouette. Relaxed breast shape is often caused by aging as the perkiness of yesteryears is shed, and the delightful duo settles into their natural state. However, other factors such as weight loss, pregnancy and genetics could also be causes.


How to Measure Your Breast Shape. 

Understanding your breast shape goes a long way in picking a bra style and finding the perfect fitting bra. Stand in front of a mirror and observe your breasts. Take note of the position of your breast on your chest. Pay attention to the distance between the crease beneath your breast (the inframammary fold) and the nipples. If your breasts exhibit a lower position with most of your breast tissues below the fold with the nipples pointing downward, you are looking at relaxed breasts. The breast will also have less firm tissues as you touch and feel them.


How Should Bras For Relaxed Breasts Fit

The perfect bras for a relaxed boob shape should provide enough lift and support to prevent sagging and bouncing. They should also shape and smooth your breasts for a more rounded and flattering silhouette. Bras with short cups are a favorite companion for these boobs as they offer more fullness at the top. Seek bras with sturdy underwire and well-constructed cups for upward projection and shaping, especially for achieving that sexy cleavage. Moreover, the bra band should be snug to ensure that the weight of your breasts does not pull your bra down. Adjustable wide-set straps are also essential to distribute the weight evenly and prevent discomfort. 


What Types of Bras Work Best With Relaxed Shape Boobs?

Finding the perfect bra is a journey towards self-confidence and comfort, and at ThirdLove, we understand this. We have bras that will be your most supportive best friend if you have relaxed breasts. Here are the top bra recommendations to embrace your relaxed glory.


24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra

The 24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra is a staple for any lingerie collection. It is designed to provide a smooth and seamless look under any outfit while offering a gentle lift. The memory foam cups will help lift and shape your relaxed boobs while the full coverage keeps everything in place. Get ready to rock that tee confidently because this bra has your back(and front, of course).

24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra


24/7® Perfect Coverage Bra

When maximum coverage and support are your priorities, the 24/7® Perfect Coverage Bra delivers. This bra is designed to give full coverage and comfort to relaxed breasts, especially those with fuller cup sizes. It has lightly lined cups that smooth and shape your breasts with no extra bulk. Its no-slip adjustable memory foam straps and poke-free flexible underwire make it the holy grail of everyday bras.

24/7® Classic Perfect Coverage Bra


At ThirdLove, we believe that each breast shape is beautiful in its own way and have designed multiple styles to fully support each shape. For even more bra recommendations for this shape, explore our collection of bras for relaxed breasts.