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The Best Bra Style For Your Breast Shape

Think bra styles are one style fits all? Think again. Depending on your breast shape, there is probably one bra style that works better for you than others. We’re breaking down nine of the most common breast shapes and the best type of bra for each, so you know exactly which styles are your perfect fit.


Do you have one breast that’s larger than the other? It’s more common than you’d think, and there are bras that can help! The best bra style for those with asymmetric breasts is a plunge bra, as it provides support and a natural lift. Our 24/7™ Classic Contour Plunge Bra also features removable inserts that can help even out your breasts.

Other options: T-Shirt Bra or Perfect Coverage


Do you have wider, more muscular breasts with less tissue? Cup gaping tends to be a common issue for Athletic shapes due to the lack of volume up top. Explore t-shirt styles, like our 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra, which will help lift your breasts comfortably.

Other options: Plunge or Racerback

Bell Shape

Are you slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom? That means you have Bell Shape breasts, which makes a t-shirt bra your ideal choice. The cups and wire support in a t-shirt bra will help lift your breasts and allow them to sit in the cups where they belong. If you wear a larger cup size (D or above), however, we recommend a Perfect Coverage style with padded straps to provide more coverage, comfort, and lift.

Other options: Balconette

East West

If your nipples point outward in different directions, you have what we call East West breasts. For women with this breast type, we recommend a plunge style to help gather your breast tissue in the front of your body.

Other options: Perfect Coverage or Racerback


If you have breasts with lax tissue and nipples pointing downward, you have a Relaxed breast shape. To provide a bit of lift, opt for either a t-shirt bra or balconette style.

Other options: Racerback

Woman posing with arms raised in soft pink bra and underwear


Are your breasts equally full at the top and bottom, in almost perfect spheres? You have Round breasts, which work with most styles. But if you’re looking for natural cleavage, we recommend trying a balconette, as your shape will fill out the bra cup nicely.

Other options: T-Shirt or Wireless


If you have thinner breasts and nipples that point downward, we recommend a plunge style bra to provide an upward lift.

Other options: T-Shirt or Balconette

Side Set

Do you have a wide space between your breasts? For Side Set breast shapes, we recommend a front-closure bra to bring your breasts inward, toward the center of your chest.

Other options: T-Shirt or Plunge

Tear Drop

Last but not least, if your breasts are round but slightly less full on top like tear drops, try a balconette style to even out volume without gaping.

Other options: Racerback or T-Shirt

Check out our Breast Shape Dictionary to learn more!

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