Nippies Breast Tape


Nippies Breast Tape


Product Details

Nippies Breast Tape will help you enhance your natural figure, without unwanted bra lines. Made with our exclusive Soft-Stretch™ technology, Nippies Breast Tape can be cut into strips and layered for extra support.

  • Water resistant
  • Made from premium nylon and medical-grade adhesive which is gentle on even the most sensitive skin types
Size & Fit

How to wear:

  1. Clean and dry skin
  2. Hold tape up to breast to determine how much you need, unroll and cut. When in doubt, cut longer strips!
  3. Carefully peel back part of the liner, lift up your breast, and place slightly above the breast’s base. This prevents tape from sticking to itself.
  4. Use one hand to lift up your breast and the other to gently pull the tape up. Press tape down onto your chest for a secure hold.
  5. Rub tape gently to smooth wrinkles and activate adhesive.
Fabric & Care
  • 80% nylon, 20% elastane fabric
  • Medical-grade adhesive

How to remove:

  1. Completely saturate tape in baby oil or coconut oil for at least 15 minutes
  2. Carefully peel tape away
  3. Use a cotton pad and oil to remove any remaining adhesive from your skin. Plan to shower after tape removal to wash off excess oil

Darker skin tones may lighten or discolor with adhesive use. Do not use it on open wounds or cuts, skin disorders, sunburned skin, or depigmentation. If you have skin or adhesive sensitivities, wear with caution. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. If concerned, consult a physician.

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