What's the Best Bra to Wear Under a T-Shirt?

24/7å¨ Classic T-Shirt Bra

Making sure you have the right bra to wear under a t-shirt can be tough. Especially when you’re not sure what bras go with which outfits. Here at ThirdLove, we’ve got the perfect bra styles for every breast shape, cup size, and outfit so you never have to guess. Choosing the right bra to wear under your favorite t-shirt comes down to the perfect fit for a smooth, invisible finish so you always look amazing.


What’s a T-Shirt Bra?

A t-shirt bra is a medium coverage bra that you can wear with any t-shirt cut, even v-necks. A t-shirt bra is first and foremost supportive and comfortable, made with breathable, soft fabric that keeps bra lines at bay. ThirdLove’s T-Shirt Bra is our best selling style because it will make your boobs look awesome all day, every day.

24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra Details
Memory foam cups form to you. Luxe, pleated, no-slip straps.

As our most popular bra style, the 24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra is loved by millions of women (and their boobs). Why? We spent years perfecting our T-Shirt Bra. It’s designed for your body to give you a light, natural lift that smooths your shape and stays invisible under clothes. The cups are made with ultralight memory foam that forms to and enhances your natural shape. Plus, with details like no-slip straps and a padded tagless (itch-free!) back closure, it’s so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing a bra. Our #1 t-shirt bra is available in A-H, including our signature half cups for anyone in between sizes. And because it’s so popular, there’s always a fun seasonal color that’ll fit right into your wardrobe.

Tagless Back Closure
Memory foam padded, scratch-free tagless back closure.


What’s the difference between a T-Shirt Bra and a regular bra?

We’d love to say there’s only one type of regular bra, but really it’s all about fit and what you like to wear most every day. So whether it’s a traditional two-strap t-shirt bra, a strapless t-shirt bra, or a similar style that offers full coverage, everyone has their go-tos. Our recommended everyday style is a t-shirt bra because it’s made to highlight the best of your breast shape, works with any outfit, and you can wear it all day without worrying about feeling uncomfortable.

The key factors you want to consider when choosing your perfect bra(s) is the coverage level, details like extra lift or whether or not it has an underwire, etc., and if it’s the right bra style for your breast shape. Making sure you’re wearing the right bra size is a big part of finding the right styles for you. So if you need to know if you’re wearing the right size, try our Fitting Room Quiz and we’ll help you find the perfect fit. We also have Fit Stylists available to help you pick out the bras you need, including a t-shirt bra.


What bra do you wear under a form-fitting shirt?

The best bra to wear under tight-fitting tops is a t-shirt bra. Which is why ThirdLove’s 24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra is the first bra we created. It changed the game with half cup sizes and tons of other thoughtful details designed for your body to make sure you look and feel great in your everyday bra. If you’re wearing a tighter or more form-fitting shirt, you’ll want a bra that smooths your shape, holds you in place, and forms to you.

Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? Most women have no idea what the right bra size is, especially if you’ve been fitted incorrectly. If your bra isn’t fitting you perfectly, you might notice that you’re spilling out of the cups or over the sides, the straps could be slipping, or maybe you’re not filling out the cups. When your bra is the right size and coverage level for you, it’ll be invisible under your tees and tighter fitting tops.

The best bra is one you look and feel great in, that you always want to wear no matter what you’re doing. We also recommend choosing a shade that matches your skin tone for your everyday neutral bra. That will help it blend in and stay hidden under clothes. If a t-shirt bra is your go-to for every day of the week, try multiple colors so you have everything you need to pair with your wardrobe.

Need help finding your perfect fit or want to try our T-Shirt Bra free for 10 days? Check out the 24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra, find your size, pick your color, and add it to your cart. Need a little more coverage? Try our Perfect Coverage, a fuller coverage option great for fuller breast sizes. All of our ThirdLove Bras are made in inclusive sizes so you’re sure to find something that works for you. Not into underwire? No worries. We’ve designed super comfy wireless styles in a variety of colors and fabrics that you’ll never want to take off.