Are Expensive Bras Worth It?

Are Expensive Bras Worth It

Not all bras are created equal. And a fancy name on the label doesn’t automatically make it worth the price tag. You could spend up to $300 on a ‘pretty’ bra, but the truth is they’re probably not very comfortable, nor do they come in sizes that support most women. So we chatted with our Co-Founder & CCO Ra’el Cohen on how to spot well-made bras worth the buzz.


Why is Luxury Female Lingerie So Expensive?

There’s a lot of hard work that goes into a well-made bra, which can have anywhere from 20-30 components. Putting together these parts in harmony so they form the perfect bra is a feat of engineering. ThirdLove’s bras have over 30 components including fabric, wire, foam, hooks, elastic, etc to create the bras millions of women (and their boobs) love.

There are so many different cup and wire fits, from full coverage, t-shirt, and demi, to plunge and wireless. Each bra style has to go through a series of tests to make sure it does what it should for all breast shapes and sizes. Every bra we make at ThirdLove is crafted by a designer and their team of fit experts, then it’s put through a rigorous testing process from fit to wear to wash. We do trials on hundreds of real women before we launch a new style. All of this work is rolled into the cost of your bras, which is why they can have a higher price point.


A High Price for a Full Bust

Some brands charge more for bras for a fuller bust since it costs more to create a larger size. When a bustier bra is created, you also need to make sure that it’s able to maintain the quality and strength of holding that larger bust in place. Not all brands charge more for the extra durable fabric, but it’s a hot topic in clothing and women’s luxury lingerie. We’re not fans of this curve tax, so you won’t see that with any ThirdLove product you order. In fact, we’ve created more sizes than ever including half cups to fit every body type and shape just right. Getting a better fitting, high-quality bra should always be expected equally from any brand, no matter your size.


How to Tell if Expensive Bras Are Worth the Money

It can be hard to tell if the bra you’re eyeing is worth it. Here are our top tips:

  1. Comfort & quality is in the details

    Take a closer look at the bra and how it’s made. How the hook and eye closure at the back of the bra is put together. Is the material that supports the area soft or is it rough on the back? Are the clasps made of plastic versus metal, which will hold tight, keep its shape, and last? These might seem like small things but they make a difference since you’re wearing your bra all day long. Any well-made bra worth a hefty price should last you a while and have the basics covered.

  2. Fabric is important

    Check the fabric on the back and sides of the bra, known as wings. Is the fabric one thin layer or two layers? If it’s slightly thicker, made with two layers, then the elastic won’t rub against your skin and it will be more comfortable for all-day wear.

  3. Check the foam cups

    Is the foam used dense and lumpy? If so, it’s only going to get worse as you wash and wear the bra. You want to be sure anything touching your breasts is smooth and supportive so it’s comfortable for all day wear. At ThirdLove, our memory foam is ultra thin and bounces back. Plus, it forms to your body as you wear it for the perfect fit. Not all bras are made with high-quality memory foam. Some are made cheaply and you can tell as soon as you put it on.

  4. Check the care instructions

    Is it machine washable? If it’s hand-wash only, that’s a sign the bra won’t last as long. Most bras are recommended to hang dry after washing, when made with the usual fabrics to keep it in good shape. Depending on the type of fabrics your bras are made of, especially the prettier they are, sometimes they may be far too delicate to wear daily. If you’re paying a high price for a nice-looking bra, you want it to last. Try affordable lace bras made to stand the test of time and learn how to wash bras properly to keep them looking great wear after wear.


Know Where to Look

Where you buy your bra makes a difference. While it may be convenient to buy your undergarments where you buy milk and cheese, it doesn’t mean you’ll get the level of service you need. You may find yourself in a fitting room without any help and could end up taking home lingerie that you don’t actually like and won’t wear. Going to a specialty shop that focuses on women’s luxury lingerie gives you the best experience.

Buying intimates and getting the service you deserve means getting your questions answered and leaving with a better bra that makes you look and feel great. Shop whenever it works and get something that fits you perfectly with our online Fit Quiz.

Before you splurge on an expensive bra, make sure it meets your standards and fits you like a glove. If you ever have questions about which bra is the perfect one for you, give us a try and speak to one of our Fit Stylists. We’re here to help.