What is a Balconette Bra?

What is a Balconette Bra?

What is a balconette bra? A balconette bra is exactly as it sounds - a gorgeous little ‘balcony’ that supports and hugs your breasts, showcasing elegant cleavage and more skin compared to other designs. The balcony bra shapes your breasts in a more subtle way than a push-up bra but will still highlight your shape under every outfit.


Key Features of a Balconette Bra

Even at a glance, a balconette bra is quite obviously different from other bras - the stylish neckline is hard to miss. Still, there are more unique features that make this bra stand out from the rest.


Low-Cut Cups

One of the key features of a balconette bra is its low-cut cups that create a square neckline. The height of the cups is shorter than in most classic designs - they cover the breasts just above the nipple, similar to a demi bra. The half-coverage cups stay hidden under low necklines, making it the go-to design for nights out and special occasions.


Wide-Set Straps

This type of bra features wide-set straps that sit close to the edges of your shoulders to further emphasize your curves. Women with sloping shoulders may find this design less comfortable, but never fear - the best balconette bra designs feature no-slip adjustable straps that never fall no matter how much you move (just like our gorgeous Lace Balconette Bra).


Lift and Cleavage

Balconette bras give your breasts a gentle lift, shaping them to look rounder and perkier. The padding is designed to push your breasts upwards, creating stunning cleavage.


Underwire Support

As a rule, balconette bras feature underwires to give your breasts all the support they need. At ThirdLove, we use flexible underwire that is completely poke-free, to give you the most comfortable experience.


Minimal Coverage

A balconette bra might be the most revealing design on the market as it covers even less than a demi bra. Ladies with fuller breasts need to pay special attention to the right size and perfect fit to avoid spillage. But no matter what cup you are - all breast shapes and sizes look amazing in a balcony bra!


Balconette Bra Design

A balconette bra does resemble an actual balcony that you see protruding from a building, and that’s exactly where this type of bra got its name from. Created in the late ‘30s, the underwire balconette bra stayed in the shadows for some time until it got advertised by none other than Marilyn Monroe herself in the ‘50s, who made it one of the most popular bra designs of that time.


Benefits of Wearing a Balconette Bra

Women of all breast shapes and sizes will benefit from wearing a balconette bra - it just makes all boobs look amazing, emphasizing their natural silhouette.


Flattering Neckline

A balconette bra features a beautiful square neckline that allows you to wear dresses with all kinds of plunging and low-cut necklines without the fear of showing off your lingerie. This type of cleavage also looks incredibly flattering for most breast shapes.


Lift and Support

If you’re looking to comfortably and beautifully lift your breasts - this is the bra to do just that. Our Lace Balconette Bra design features thin memory foam cups that shape your boobs to look their best, as well as a scratch-free band for the ultimate support.



Balcony bras are great for many styles due to their breast-shaping and elevating qualities. Some women love this bra so much, they even wear it with casual outfits. Still, this design works especially well with date night dresses and special occasion looks.



Despite offering less coverage than most bras, balconette bras are incredibly comfortable. It is one of the few styles that gives you a sky-high boost of confidence, especially when you choose an outfit with an open neckline.


When to Wear a Balconette Bra

A balconette bra seems amazing, but when should you actually wear it? Well, it turns out that thousands of women swear by this bra as their ultimate everyday style, but it all depends on what you wear.



Many women with relaxed breasts or breasts that are fuller at the bottom wear this bra every day, no matter what style they choose. And it works like a charm, supporting their ladies and shaping them to look round and full. Of course, if you choose to wear blouses and tops with an open neckline, the benefits of wearing this type of bra would only double.


Date Night

A balconette bra is the ultimate date night bra design as you can showcase your gorgeous cleavage without worrying that your bra is peeking out. Choose a lavish dress with a wide neckline or a low-cut gown, and you’ll catch glances everywhere you go.


Special Occasions

This bra truly shines when you dress for special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, girls’ nights out, honeymoons, anniversaries, and so on. This is the best time to accentuate your cleavage and give your girls a slight boost to look their best.


To sum it all up, a balconette bra is definitely a must-have design, especially if you’re into tops with revealing necklines and dramatic dresses. But this bra could also become your everyday favorite due to its breast-shaping features and great support.