Best Plus Size Strapless Bra That Actually Stays Up

Best Plus Size Strapless Bra That Actually Stays Up

A strapless bra is a must-have in any woman’s underwear drawer, enabling them to style a range of outfits that require a bare, seamless appearance. However, finding a reliable and comfortable bra can be challenging for many, especially if you have a bigger bust. This article discusses the benefits of strapless bras, their uses, sizing, and the best plus size strapless bras.


Benefits of Wearing a Strapless Bra

There are many reasons behind strapless bras becoming a mainstay in any fashionable woman’s wardrobe. Firstly, as the name suggests, they don’t feature any straps. As a result, it not only boosts your confidence knowing that there aren’t any straps to show but also prevents discomfort straps exert on your skin.

Strapless bras also relax your shoulders and bust. They’re excellent for dresses with plunging necklines, remaining hidden without any sign of a bra underneath. Additionally, strapless bras are easy to maintain. Some also come with removable straps, enabling you to change bra styles according to your outfits.


How Should Strapless Bras for Plus Size Women Fit?

For most women, the highest priority is to find a plus size strapless bra that stays up, preventing the need to shimmy to the washroom to adjust it repeatedly. The perfect strapless bra should also adequately support and lift your breasts. The band should be thick enough to prevent bulging. The best plus size strapless bra should also have perfectly-fitting cups without any room for spillage or gaps. It should also have boning on the sides and padding to maintain structure, support, and comfort.


Which Type of Strapless Bra is Best for Heavy Breasts?

Your dream plus size strapless bra with support can come in many styles. Underwire strapless bras offer steady support and lift for big busts. Plunging strapless bras also offer extra compatibility for outfits with plunging necklines. Bandeau strapless bras are excellent for you if you want to be free of underwires. ThirdLove’s 24/7® Classic Strapless Bra gives larger breasts a natural shape. The clear, removable straps allow you to wear it according to your needs. This stylish strapless bra for plus sizes remains in place without slipping, featuring no-slip silicone grips within the top and bottom edges. At the same time, the foam cups offer superior support and comfort. 


When to Wear a Plus Size Strapless Bra

A plus-size bra adds immense versatility to your wardrobe, making you look your best every day or on special occasions. They’re perfect for plunging, racer-back, low-neckline outfits, halter tops, bandeaus, and more, expanding your styling options. Therefore, ensure you have a few strapless bras in your underwear collection to cater to different outfits and occasions.


Strapless Bra Sizing

Strapless bras generally fit the same as your regular bras. Start with your normal bra size, using our plus size bra size chart for guidance. The perfect fit should firmly yet comfortably fit around your back, ensuring optimal support and a natural shape for your large bosom.


Being blessed with larger breasts should not prevent you from wearing those stylish low-neckline outfits without revealing what’s underneath. Nor should you compromise the comfort, support, and reliability of a great strapless bra because you have a larger bust. Having a few reliable and stylish strapless bras can be a lifesaver when dressing for special occasions such as weddings, balls, and formals or everyday wear without the discomfort of straps. Use the tips above to find that perfect plus size strapless bra. If you need more guidance, feel free to take our quick Fitting Room Quiz, explore our plus size bra guide, or chat online with one of our Fit Stylists to find that perfect strapless bra.