ThirdLove vs Skims Bras: Similarities, Differences & Style Options

ThirdLove vs Skims Bras: Similarities, Differences & Style Options

Shopping for bras online can be challenging. There are numerous brands, bra types and styles, and other factors to consider. Two popular online native brands are ThirdLove and SKIMS. To make your bra shopping experience easier, we have compared these two, highlighting each’s advantages and disadvantages.


ThirdLove Bras

At ThirdLove, we aim to provide women with only the highest-quality lingerie products. Learn what makes our bras stand out from the competition.


Bra Styles

ThirdLove is proud to offer a range of different bra types and styles. We understand that every woman has unique needs and preferences when it comes to her lingerie, and we aim to provide bras that you will love.

A few popular ThirdLove bra styles include the following:

In addition, we offer bras with features such as front closure, multi-way straps, and seamless designs. This gives you all kinds of options to choose from so you can find your perfect style, design, and fit for each occasion.


Bra Fabrics

ThirdLove bras are made with either cotton, spandex/nylon, microfiber, or a combination of these. Some of our selections also feature fabric elements such as lace and mesh, and we offer seamless options as well.


How To Wear Them

To get the best ThirdLove bra fit, visit our online Fitting Room or visit a physical location to get professionally fitted. We offer half cup sizes to ensure every woman can find the perfect fit without compromise.

There are numerous ways to wear your new ThirdLove bras, depending on the style. See our breast shape guide to discover which bra styles may suit you best.


ThirdLove Overview

ThirdLove was founded in 2013 by Heidi Zak, David Spector, and Ra’el Cohen. Previously, bras were either sexy or comfortable, and they wanted to create a third, better option: ThirdLove. They designed bras that were both comfortable and sexy — no more needing to choose between the two.

In addition to giving women the perfect-fitting bras they deserve, ThirdLove aims to make the world a better place. We partner with various organizations, including I Support the Girls, Soles4Souls, Good360, and St. Anthony's. ThirdLove is also associated with the following support initiatives: Save the Turtles, Natural Disaster Relief, Hurricane Help. Finally, we started The TL Effect in 2020, an in-house entrepreneurial mentorship program for women of color.

We offer some of the best bras online in a range of types, styles, colors, and sizes. We even designed cups in half sizes for the perfect fit every time. Give ThirdLove a try to see exactly what we’re talking about.



SKIMS is another popular brand with quality offerings worth considering. Here’s what you need to know.

Bra Styles

SKIMS has numerous bra styles to choose from, including the following:

  • Balconette bras
  • Plunge bras
  • Push-up bras
  • Strapless bras
  • T-Shirt bras
  • Triangle bralettes

Its range of bra, lingerie, swimwear, and shapewear ensures this brand has something to offer everyone. There are also unlined, lightly lined, wireless, and wired variations available.

Bra Fabrics

SKIMS bras are constructed of the company’s Fits Everybody fabric, which is a combination of nylon and spandex. This fabric blend is notorious for its buttery feel and ability to mold to your shape.

How To Wear Them

Find your ideal SKIMS bra size by checking out their size guide and consider what styles you’d like to try.


SKIMS Overview

SKIMS was founded by celebrity Kim Kardashian in 2019. After experiencing difficulties finding lounge- or shapewear that matched her skin tone, she decided to change the industry for the better by making it more inclusive. This bra company aims to create lingerie and shapewear to fit “every body” using technical construction and its famous Fits Everybody fabric, and its products are available in a range of tones.

SKIMS started out making loungewear and shapewear designed to fit various body types and match different skin tones. More recently, the brand has also begun offering a range of quality bras in different styles.


Key Takeaways

ThirdLove and SKIMS are two popular bra brands offering quality products to women. But how do they compare? Here are our key takeaways regarding ThirdLove bras vs. SKIMS bras.


ThirdLove and SKIMS have a few key similarities to consider. For example, both brands have several bra styles available and prioritize creating high-quality products. The bras from both companies are made from comfortable, durable materials and feature innovative designs. Finally, both brands are known for their inclusive and body-positive approaches to bra design.


There are some differences between the two brands to consider. For example, if cost is your primary concern, SKIMS may be the better option since it generally offers lower prices on its products.

However, if your primary concern is purchasing a high quality bra that doesn't compromise on fit, ThirdLove may be the better choice for you. Founded in 2013, ThirdLove is a bra expert with a decade of proven experience helping women get their perfect-fitting bra, whereas SKIMS has just recently ventured into the bra business. ThirdLove also offers more sizes - including bras in half cup sizes - for the perfect fit every time.