The Perfect Bras & Underwear to Wear With Your Pantsuit

The Perfect Bras & Underwear to Wear With Your Pantsuit

Pantsuits are a hot ticket on Fashion Week catwalks—Zac Posen, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren are among the designers indulging in the trend recently—but the jacket and slacks combo is also trending political news.




As anyone who’s been following current events knows, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has made them her signature look, day or night, whether onstage or on the campaign trail. (Check out the hill-arious videos of pantsuit-clad dancing flash mobs hailing Hillary and #PantsuitPower that are blowing up social media.)

“I love a good pantsuit,” says stylist and lingerie expert Jenny Altman. “The fact that Hillary, a presidential candidate, wears only pantsuits shows us how far women have come. But smooth, seamless undergarments are a must-have underneath. You certainly can’t exude the confidence she does if you have panty lines.”

Bottom line: “Clinton needs undergarments that give support and comfort,” Altman says. “Imagine the long days she must be having!” (Most women can probably relate…)

Whether shaking hands or kissing babies or whether you wear a jacket-over-a-blouse or a tunic-y topper, it’s all about creating a smooth line underneath. “You want coverage and zero lines,” agrees Marie Denee, the blogger behind The Curvy Fashionista. Denee would start with a look at the style of the slacks. “If your garment is more body conscious, I would suggest a pair of shaper shorts that give light control with all-day comfort,” she says. “If your suit is not too fitted, boyshorts are a close second for providing comfort and no panty lines.”

For Altman, the ThirdLove Seamless Cheeky is her candidate for best undies: “It has comfort and coverage with no lines and no dig-in,” she says.

When it comes to the right bra, Denee also casts her vote for getting the proper fit. “Neither style nor shape matters if you are not in the right size bra,” she says. “A proper fit will also allow for your tops and button ups to hang perfectly.” Getting the band measurement right is, to Altman, the key to a look with no back-fat or bra overhang. (Give the ThirdLove Fit Finder a try for sizing)

Altman is not undecided on her pick: “For smooth, seamless support, the ThirdLove 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra is the answer,” she says. “Good coverage, support, and seamless cups hide flawlessly under any jacket. Even if Hill’s wearing white, the nude hue will disappear completely.”

If you’re not as closely scrutinized as a politician, you could consider adding “a little fun or personality to your under-suit bras,” says Altman, “I love the ThirdLove 24/7 Lace Balconette Bra. It gives you great support and shape with the femininity of a peek of lace. There’s no reason we shouldn’t feel confident, strong, and sexy all at once!”

And, no matter which platform you support, don’t forget to vote this Election Day – Tuesday, November 8th!