Black Lace Bra: 6 Styling Tips You Need To Try

Black Lace Bra: 6 Styling Tips You Need To Try

A classic staple every woman needs in her underwear drawer is a lacy black bra. Not only are they elegantly sexy, but they are also perfect for everyday wear and can be styled under everything from dresses to T-shirts. If you’re new to the world of lacy lingerie or want some styling tips, follow our guide to wearing black lace bras to learn how to make the most of your gorgeous underwear. 


Styling Your Black Lace Bra 

Did you know you don’t need to sacrifice elegance and sexiness for functionality and versatility? With the black lace bra, you can feel sexy while also living in comfort. Whether nipping to the shops or partying all night, a black lace bra can be your go-to choice. Our pro tip? Buy more than one. Trust us - you’ll be wearing them a lot! We have two fabulous black lace bra choices at ThirdLove: our All Day Lace Uplift Plunge Bra and our All Day Lace Wireless Bra. So, here are our six favorite ways to style black lace bras:


1. Pair it with a White Tee

Are you growing tired of wearing the same old T-shirt and jeans? Add some flare to your casual outfits by flaunting your beautiful black lace bra beneath a simple white T-shirt. If showing your bra is adventurous enough for you, then don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Opt for our All Day Lace Wireless Bra; the memory foam cups mold to your body shape and guarantee your nipples will stay hidden so that you can swap self-consciousness for confidence. Our black lace plunge and wireless bras feature All Day Lace - a soft lace made with over 50% recycled content, so you can feel comfortable all day, not to mention it’s also better for our planet.


2. Wear it with a Plunging Neckline

A black lace bra beneath a plunging neckline creates the perfect image if you like to show off your stunning cleavage. Choose our All Day Lace Uplift Plunge Bra; the uplift cups are made of shaping foam and feature removable pads to boost your cleavage to create a show-stopping look. 

3. Style it with a Mesh Top 

Are you feeling naughty? Wear your black lace bra beneath a transparent mesh top. You can keep it simple with plain mesh to let your pretty bra do the talking, or you can show off your creativity with a more jazzy option; the choice is yours! If you want to add more intrigue to your outfit, our All Day Lace Wireless Bra can be worn in 2 ways; simply convert the adjustable straps to x-back.


4. Add Color

We women are often told that black bras shouldn’t be worn under colorful outfits, but we’re here to tell you to rip up the rule book. A black lace bra can be the perfect contrast for an outfit bursting with color. Or, if you usually dress in dark tones, now is your chance to add some bright accessories to flash your fancy new bra. After all, life is for living!


5. Layer it

Of course, you don’t have to show off your lovely black lace bra. Even knowing you’re wearing it can boost your confidence and make you feel fierce. We understand that all boobs are different; this is why our All Day Lace Uplift Plunge Bra has an unmatched fit and is available in exclusive half-cup sizes, so you can feel comfortable while accentuating your curves even beneath a winter jumper. If you want to feel extra snug in those cold months, our All Day Lace Wireless Bra comes in Precise Sizing™ and is available in 3x more sizes for a superior wireless fit to guarantee your comfort while braving the elements.


6. Simplify it with a Black Tank 

Initially, we called the black lace bra a staple piece of underwear; in this same way, the black tank top is a classic summer clothing item. Keep things simple by matching your black lace bra with a comfortable black tank; your bra straps will blend effortlessly. Have fun with the bottom half of your outfit, and maybe add some black footwear to match. The scratch-free tagless label of our plunge and wireless black lace bras will allow you to enjoy the warm weather without an annoying tag cutting your back. 


Where to Find the Best Lace Bras

ThirdLove was founded by women for women, and our bras are made with you and your comfort in mind. We will help you find the perfect bra size for your unique shape to relieve your stress so you can easily shop for black lace bras.